Ken Cuccinelli

Virginia Unlikely To See Democratic Agenda Accomplished With Heavily Republican Legislature, And Florida Could Have Same Scenario A Year From Now!

It is great news for Democrats that Terry McAuliffe has been elected Governor of Virginia over right wing extremist Ken Cuccinelli, but sadly, with the legislature being heavily Republican, the prediction is that little of the new Governor’s agenda for reform is likely to be adopted.

And after the election for Governor in Florida in 2014, even if former Republican Governor Charlie Crist, turned Independent in 2010 for the Senate race, and now Democratic for the gubernatorial race, succeeds in defeating highly unpopular Governor Rick Scott, the GOP hold on the legislature is still likely to be very powerful, and prevent Crist from accomplishing much of what his agenda might be.

So two key states, and possibly more, with decisions of voters to split power, will be just as paralyzed in the ability to have progress, and be as stymied to a great extent, as in Washington, DC, with a Republican House of Representatives and a Democratic Senate.

The argument that divided government is better government has been shown over and over again to be totally lacking in validity, as all it produces most of the time is stalemate and gridlock!

Tea Party On The Defensive, And The Civil War In The Republican Party Begins!

The results of the off year election yesterday in New Jersey and Virginia demonstrate a defeat for the Tea Party Movement, and the beginning of the civil war in the Republican Party for its soul!

Chris Christie became the front runner for the GOP Presidential nomination in 2016, as a result of his smashing victory over Barbara Buono, the Democratic nominee, for Governor. Christie attracted Democrats, Independents, and Latinos, something no Tea Party advocate could accomplish, and he has become, clearly, the “establishment” choice for now in the Republican Party.

Meanwhile, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, who appealed to the Tea Party Movement, and came out with outrageous stands on interference with sexual privacy, abortion, and global warming, and was also involved in a financial scandal that also undermined Governor Bob McDonnell, lost to Terry McAuliffe, backed by Bill and Hillary Clinton, who he had raised money for in the 1990s. Cuccinelli’s “Puritan” and anti science views caused women, in particular, to vote against him, making clear that if the GOP continues its “war on women” and their rights, they will be slaughtered in Congressional races in 2014 and the Presidential race in 2016.

Before anyone gets too excited about Christie, though, one must realize that the New Jersey Governor is a definite conservative on the issues–health care, education, labor unions, abortion—and he gained most of his support from his reaction to Superstorm Sandy a year ago, including his willingness to work with President Obama directly.

That will be his Achilles heel, however, in GOP primaries and caucuses, as he competes against right wingers such as Ted Cruz and Rand Paul and Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan, and there is no guarantee that Christie will survive bruising, bloody primary and caucus fights.

But even if, somehow, he does make it through to the nomination, do not forget that Chris Christie has a short fuse; is highly temperamental when he does not like what one is saying, or opposes him; is still what this author said in the past (a bully); a man who could cause war with his bluntness, as he lacks all diplomacy and tact; and there are hints of corruption and inappropriate actions in his past record, and even some supposed connections to the Mafia.

One can be sure that ALL leads will be followed, and that Christie, who caused “red flags’ for Mitt Romney, making the 2012 GOP nominee pass Christie by for Vice President, will be fully vetted, and it could destroy any hopes he has for the Presidency.

To believe that Chris Christie will be the next President still means one has to be delusional. By comparison, he might be seen as “better” than Cruz, Paul, Rubio, Ryan and others, but ONLY by comparison, nothing more than that!

Virginia Gubernatorial Race Going Democratic: Great Sign For 2014 And Beyond!

The lead of Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe, a close friend and fund raiser for the Clintons, over Republican Attorney General and gubernatorial nominee Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia, is a great sign for the future of the Democratic Party.

Cuccinelli is a truly nightmare nominee, with his extremist right wing views, and his decision to invite Ted Cruz and Rand Paul into the state to campaign for him, signs of true desperation on his part, and a sign of why the GOP is losing its hold in Virginia.

Cuccinelli’s Lieutenant Governor nominee, preacher E W Jackson, is even more of a right wing lunatic than Cuccinelli, and it is clear that young people, minorities, college educated people, women, and those who believe in socially moderate views are not willing to tolerate such narrow minded and bigoted nominees as Cuccinelli and Jackson.

It has often been said that how Virginia goes in the odd year elections affects Congressional elections the next year, and that has often rang true.

So the Virginia election results, now seen as a massive victory for the Democrats, is a good sign that the state is turning more blue, particularly because of northern Virginia federal government workers, but also because the Republican Party has been unduly influenced by its Tea Party lunatics in that state, as well as nationally, and has led to the highest rate of disapproval for the GOP nationally in its entire history, 63 percent!

GOP Virginia Gubernatorial Nominee Ken Cuccinelli: Puritanism Revived!

Republican Virginia gubernatorial nominee Ken Cuccinelli is a nightmare in the making, as he is a 21st century extremist Puritan, wishing to control the private social and sexual behavior of adults, as if one can do that!

Already shown to be extremely prudish, and constantly promoting theocracy in government as Virginia Attorney General, he has now made it clear that he wants to declare oral and anal sex of consenting adults to be illegal and prosecutable, along with stating total condemnation of gays and lesbians as having no souls and being self destructive in their behavior, and not being entitled to workplace protection against discrimination because of their sexual orientation!

Cuccinelli ordered the covering up of the Virginia state seal, which shows a bared breast of a Roman goddess, and claims natural law, which is in his mind Christian Biblical law, should govern all relationships between people, including in the privacy of their own bedrooms!

This man is very sick and totalitarian in his desire to control people’s private lives, while denouncing ObamaCare as intrusion in the lives of Americans!

So government is not designed to deal with real problems such as health care, according to Cuccinelli, but should have police break into bedrooms or other private places to control the sex lives of adults!

What could be more tyrannical or dictatorial action by government at any level than such a belief in the right of the state to control the most basic rights and freedoms of all people than this?

This man is a menace, and hopefully, the state of Virginia will have the common and good sense to send him packing into private life! And do not be surprised if, in the future, we will find that he is a typical “religious”, Puritanical hypocrite who says one thing, and does another! And realize that Cuccinelli has already been implicated as taking money from the same company that has been connected to outgoing Governor Bob McDonnell, who faces the threat of being removed from office before his term ends at the close of 2013.

The Virginia GOP is in tatters, and the good name of the state of Virginia requires that the party be repudiated as a party of not only corruption, but also of religious hypocrisy and totalitarian bent over the private love lives of all Virginians!

Virginia Republicans: Scandal, And Right Wing Extremism On Display

The state of Virginia, the home of Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, W H Harrison, Tyler, and Wilson is in political crisis as the state faces not only political scandal of its Governor, Bob McDonnell, but also of its gubernatorial candidate to replace McDonnell, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, who makes McDonnell look “progressive” by comparison, due to his extreme right wing social views! This is not saying that McDonnell is less right wing, but less confrontational in his public statements than Cuccinelli!

McDonnell, who has Presidential ambitions, has been shown to have accepted major gifts from a corporation which does business with the Virginia state government, including large amounts of cash given to his wife and children. There are already calls for his resignation, and it seems likely that he will face criminal charges and the possibility of time in prison.

But Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli also has accepted gifts from the same corporation, although he denies any wrongdoing, just as much as McDonnell so declares! The fact of a denial means nothing, however, as that is standard for politicians of both parties who are accused of wrongdoing, and almost always are shown to be engaged in just that, wrongdoing!

Cuccinelli has also been extremely controversial with his anti gay, anti women, anti immigrant, anti science crusade, stronger in rhetoric and action than even Governor McDonnell!

This gubernatorial nominee has abused his power as Attorney General, and called for the criminalization of private sex acts between adults, along with doing everything he can to insure that ObamaCare is never instituted in the state of Virginia. He has also worked to intimidate all immigrants of Hispanic-Latino ancestry in Virginia. He has also campaigned against the promotion of environmental standards on global warming, declared war on science, and attempted to intimidate various state university faculty who promote such standards. And he is a leader in taking away the rights of women to their own reproductive lives!

To top it off, Cuccinelli’s running mate for Lieutenant Governor, an African American minister named E. W. Jackson, has made statements that make him seem even more extreme than Cuccinelli himself, Jackson has said that the Great Society programs of the 1960s under Lyndon B. Johnson were worse than slavery had been for African Americans! He also has declared that homosexuals and Planned Parenthood are worse than the Ku Klux Klan ever was, and that Barack Obama has Muslim tendencies!

These crazy lunatic statements have made the team of Cuccinelli and Jackson extremely right wing, and with the corruption surrounding both McDonnell and Cuccinelli as well, it has made Virginia a center of controversy and embarrassment that can only be ended by the hoped for victory of Democrat Terry McAuliffe, former head of the Democratic National Committee, who would be in the tradition of former Democratic Governors Mark Warner and Tim Kaine, who now grace the two Senate seats from Virginia!

Maryland And Virginia: Two Different Worlds Politically, From Different “Planets”!

There seems to be no comparison of two geographically neighboring states quite on the level of Maryland and Virginia, two diametrically opposite governments, seemingly from different “planets”.

Maryland, one of the most prosperous states, has a Democratic dominated state government and Congressional delegation, and has a Governor, Martin O’Malley, who comes across as a national leader of the future. Maryland has become the eighth state to legalize gay marriage. It has dealt with the issue of the Great Recession and its aftermath in a socially responsible way, and is seen as a model of progressive viewpoint and outlook.

Virginia, on the other hand, while it has the Northern Virginia suburbs, which are more progressive, has an extremely conservative and Republican state government under the leadership of Bob McDonnell and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, who makes McDonnell look moderate, not an easy task!

Virginia was moving toward requiring vaginal exams of any woman who wanted to get an abortion. The ultrasound law would have allowed the state to invade women’s bodies in the name of fanatical religious zealots who wanted to stop all abortions, even though it is allowed by Supreme Court decisions. But McDonnell, seen as on the short list for Vice Presidential nomination, came to the conclusion yesterday that such a law would harm his chances of moving ahead politically, as the Virginia Governorship limit is one term. So he suddenly backed off from a pledge to sign such an invasive, insulting bill as this one.

The likelihood of Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, an extreme right winger, succeeding McDonnell in November 2013, as Virginia Governor, is a horrifying thought to many, particularly women and gays, as Cuccinelli is a hardliner on the social issues that are dominating the GOP race for President right now!

So a world of difference exists between Maryland and Virginia, an amazing manifestation considering their being in the same “neighborhood”!

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli And The Health Care Legislation

Yesterday, a Virginia District Court judge appointed by President George W. Bush ruled that the Health Care reform law passed by Congress was unconstitutional, because it would require citizens, who could afford it, to buy health care insurance by 2014.

This decision was the first by the opponents of Health Care reform, after two other district court judges, one in Virginia and one in Michigan, declared the law constitutional.

This decision yesterday was hailed by conservatives and Republicans who want the Health Care reform repealed by Congress.

It was also a victory for Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli who led the fight to bring about this result.

Cuccinelli’s contention is that the federal government cannot force anyone to buy health care insurance, and compared it to requiring that a person buy a particular car. ๐Ÿ™

This is totally preposterous as a comparison, and forgets that if one does not purchase health insurance, then when such an individual suddenly has health care issues, WE THE PEOPLE pay for them, adding to everyone’s tax burden! ๐Ÿ™

Is that responsible, Mr. Cuccinelli, that all of us have to pay for the irresponsibility of others to avoid being concerned with their own health? What is more important in a person’s life than his or her own health care? ๐Ÿ™

Going by Mr. Cuccinelli’s reasoning, why should anyone pay taxes? Why should anyone in the time of a military draft have to serve? Why should anyone have to pay auto insurance, which most states require, and in the cases of those states which don’t demand auto insurance coverage, all of the rest of the population sees their insurance rates go sky high to cover for the irresponsibility of those who will not buy such coverage? ๐Ÿ™

Part of the responsibility of every individual is to take on the understanding that necessities come before pleasure, a hard concept for many in this society! ๐Ÿ™

If one can afford ipods, iphones, ipads, fancy cars, smoking, drinking, etc, one must understand that one MUST pay for health care coverage so as to take the burden off the rest of us! ๐Ÿ™

And why is it Ken Cuccinelli and other conservatives are only too willing to control our social existence, as with abortion, gay rights, etc, but refuse to see that economic regulation is also necessary in the public interest? ๐Ÿ™

And also, Mr. Cuccinelli, are you really wishing to promote “welfare”, where we all have to pay for others? Is that a conservative belief? You would say OF COURSE NOT, but yet that is the effect of what you are advocating, along with denying other aspects of the health care law that might also be ruled unconstitutional by the courts, including pre-existing conditions no longer being covered, which seems not to bother you! ๐Ÿ™

Is this a government of WE THE PEOPLE, or only WE THE RICH PEOPLE who shall have health care , Mr. Cuccinelli? ๐Ÿ™