Day: October 25, 2012

The Huffington Post Projection On The Election Today: Obama 277, Romney 191, And Five States In Play!

According to the Huffington Post, this evening (October 25), the Electoral College total is Barack Obama 277, and Mitt Romney 191, with five states and 70 electoral votes in play!

According to the Huffington Post estimates, Obama is winning the “swing” states of the Midwest (Ohio, Iowa, Wisconsin), along with Nevada.

The five states in play are the Southern states (Virginia, North Carolina, Florida), and also New Hampshire and Colorado.

But even if Romney wins all five states, with 70 electoral votes, he would only have 261, nine short of the number needed to win, with Obama having seven more than the number needed, 270.

It seems a good judgment that the Midwest is lost to Mitt Romney, based on early voting, and Romney’s refusal to back the auto industry survival ultimately will cost him the election, despite the overwhelming list of mistakes and blunders made by the Republican nominee for President.

There will be plenty of time after November 6 to analyze why Mitt Romney is another Presidential “loser”!

What Is It With Republicans And Women’s Rights?

The Republican Party of 2012 is absolutely crazy and loony when it comes to the rights of women.

Just look at Richard Mourdock of Indiana and Todd Akin of Missouri, both running for the Senate, and sounding like coming from past centuries, and medieval religious ideas And see how Mitt Romney endorses and supports them, showing no guts to defend women’s rights. But then again, remember he is a Mormon, a religion which promotes inferiority of women, so why should he have an open mind?

Republicans want to deny women equal pay at work.

Republicans want to deny women the right to contraceptives being covered on employer health plans.

Republicans want to deny women the right to control their own reproductive lives, and have the nerve and gall to justify rape as ordained by God, and force women to have babies born out of violence.

Republicans want to deny women the right to decide they do not wish to have a baby caused by incest of a sibling or parent or other relative.

Republicans want to deny women the right to their own life, if the life of the baby can be saved.

Republicans want to deny women the respect that allows them to decide their own futures, and instead allow religious zealots, whether Catholic, evangelical Christian, Orthodox Jews, or Muslims, to dictate to them, and treat them as second class citizens who must obey their husbands and fathers, and have no free will.

Republicans want to deny women the right to an education and professional or business career, preferring they go back to the image of women in the 1950s—obedient, barefoot and pregnant too many times, and good housewives and cooks who remind men how wonderful they are as the head of the household. They want the era of Father Knows Best, Ozzie and Harriet, and Leave It To Beaver!

Well, intelligent women are NOT going to tolerate such abuse any longer, and it is time for even “religious” women to realize they are being controlled and dominated by the men in their lives, and make it clear that they will NOT be dictated to about their work or educational lives, their sex lives, and their reproductive lives!

The days of obedience and submission of women to men is over, and the Republican Party needs to be taught a punishing lesson this November, that their attempt to go back in time, and show lack of respect and equality for women, will be punished severely by elimination from our political system.

Also, there is a need for churches and synagogues and mosques to forget “tradition”, and recognize we are in the 21st century in the most advanced nation on earth, and modernization and change are not an option, but rather essential and pronto!

We are not a backward nation of the “third world”, and it is time for women to be treated with dignity and respect!

There are a total of FIFTEEN Republican Senate candidates wishing to deny rape victims the right of abortion, and all of them need to be soundly defeated!

“Smart People”: Economists And Scientists, Overwhelmingly, Support Obama! Should We Ignore Them At Our Detriment?

An overwhelming number of economists and scientists have made public declarations, as groups and individuals, endorsing Barack Obama for a second term, as the better path to the future in both areas of their concern.

Should we ignore their advice, because after all, as former Senator Rick Santorum said, “smart, educated” people will never support the Republicans, a statement that says a lot about both Santorum and his right wing party, way out of the mainstream?

Should we be resentful because many of these economists and scientists have gone to the “best” universities, and have the highest degrees in their fields, and most Americans do not have these advantages?

Or should we be resentful, instead, that many Americans instead look up to those who cheat in sports, cheat in business, cheat in human relations, and are only concerned about the almighty dollar over human needs and the facts about economics and science, and allow religion and worship of business to overtake their sense of morality and ethics?

The author is not a graduate of a “prestigious” university, and is not an honored figure, as these economists and scientists are, but he is also not resentful of their brilliance and intelligence, and respects their judgment much more than someone promoting religious hypocrisy and dog-eat-dog business tactics as the goal to teach our children, and feels that these elements should not be promoted for the future of American democracy!

Major Florida Factor Often Not Considered: The Puerto Rican, And Other Non Cuban Hispanic Vote

As the battle for Florida’s electoral votes goes on, many observers are failing to realize the possible influence of the massively increased Puerto Rican population, particularly in the major area of significance, Central Florida.

Often, many people assume that the Hispanic vote is mostly Cuban, and that they, of course, traditionally vote Republican because of the failure of John F. Kennedy to eliminate Fidel Castro at the Bay of Pigs in 1961.

But in recent years, the Puerto Rican population in the state of Florida, and particularly, in Central Florida, has ballooned to nearly match or surpass the Cuban population found mostly in South Florida.

There are nearly a million Puerto Ricans in Florida, a state that is always rapidly changing, and becoming more non Cuban Hispanic by the month.

The Puerto Ricans of Florida, with smaller numbers in the past, supported the election and reelection of Governor Jeb Bush, but they went to Barack Obama for President in 2008, and are seen as likely, by large percentages, to vote for him again. The key, as always, will be voter turnout.

Additionally, there are a growing number of Hispanics from other nations in the Western Hemisphere, and the tendency of many would be to support Obama, although the very religious element, against abortion and gay marriage, might not, but the point being made here is that to assume, because of some polls at the moment, that Mitt Romney has Florida locked up, with its 29 electoral votes, is a massive mistake, as Florida will be in play, and may well decide who is the next President. And realize that younger Cuban Americans, in many cases, are abandoning the Republican beliefs of their parents and grandparents, and some will vote for Barack Obama!

And remember, with the biggest prize of the “swing” states, 29 electoral votes, Florida may select Barack Obama for a second term, and without the intervention of the Supreme Court for George W. Bush, as in the Presidential Election of 2000!

The Death Of Paul Wellstone Ten Years Ago Today: Still Difficult To Recover From After A Decade!

Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone was tragically killed in a small plane crash ten years ago today, along with his wife, a daughter, and campaign staff, as he was seeking election to a third term in the Senate.

It is hard to believe that it is a decade since his tragic death, and for many, including this author, it is still difficult to recover from his loss.

This author was so shocked at the news of the death of Senator Wellstone, at the age of 57, his own exact age at the time, that he cried as if Wellstone was a member of his own family or a close friend.

This author felt that Paul Wellstone was, in many ways, family or friend, even though he never had the honor of meeting him personally.

But this author felt that Paul Wellstone understood his problems and goals and beliefs, and that he CARED about those of us who were his fellow Americans, but were not rich and powerful and part of the plutocracy.

Paul Wellstone was a critic of the plutocracy, and a reformer of massive proportions, who planned to run for President in 2004 or later. Whether he would have succeeded in that goal or not, all of us who loved him knew he wanted the best for us, and would always be principled, and fight the good fight for political, social, and economic reform.

Paul Wellstone was one of those rare politicians, who very seldom come along, who has the ability to inspire people and make them unwilling to be cynical or give up on politics as a way to bring change.

God bless Paul Wellstone, who will always be one of my favorite political leaders of my lifetime, joining his fellow Minnesotan, Hubert Humphrey, who, when he died, the author also wept over his loss.

But the loss of Humphrey to cancer in 1978 was foreordained, while the sudden, tragic death of Wellstone was one of the biggest shocks ot the author’s life, bringing about his massive emotional response.

The author is not embarrassed at his reaction to Wellstone’s death, but continues to wonder—WHY do bad things happen to good people, who are here for us, who care, who are totally transparent and decent? The answer to that is not going to be discovered, but it tears at one’s rational being, and remains a sore in one’s life experiences!

Colin Powell Endorsement Of Barack Obama A Major Plus!

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell has just endorsed Barack Obama for President, a major plus for the President, with only 12 days to go to the election.

The Mitt Romney camp will say that this is no big deal, as Powell endorsed Obama over John McCain in 2008.

But, despite that fact, Powell is a well respected and admired person, who has good common sense and a dignity to do what is best for the nation, and sees Obama as having promoted the national defense and advocated social justice, the two most important traits of any successful President.

Powell may be a Republican by his own choice, but his vision of the world and of America makes him more a Democrat, and he must feel very uncomfortable with the modern day Republican Party, which is most certainly NOT the Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and even the man that Powell has often stated admiration of, Ronald Reagan!