Day: October 22, 2012

Greatest Line Of Debate–Romney Policies Representing The Past On Foreign, Social And Economic Policies!

Barack Obama scored a home run in tonight’s debate when he said that the Romney policy ideas represented :

The Foreign Policy of the 1980s

The Social Policies of the 1950s

The Economic Policies of the 1920s

The author had a hearty laugh hearing this, as that is exactly his sentiments, and to hear our President enunciate what I have thought and said was absolutely the high moment of this debate, which already, in a CBS poll of undecided voters, showed 53 percent saying Obama won, to 23 percent for Romney, and 24 percent undecided.

Imagine–a THIRTY point victory! WOW!

Total Slaughter Of Mitt Romney In Last Presidential Debate!

Barack Obama won a total victory in the last Presidential debate tonight, what could be called a slaughter!

Romney was obviously uncomfortable, and his typical smirk disappeared, and he ended up agreeing on most subjects discussed with the President.

Romney contradicted past positions, and seemed totally unprepared, while Obama had his best debate performance yet.

Romney was tongue tied at times, and spent time looking at his wife in the front row, and one could sense that he was wishing the debate was over, as in his heart, he realized he was out of his league by the midpoint of the debate.

Of course, the spin will be that Romney did very well, but the public opinion polls will not show that, and for anyone to claim that Romney “won” this debate would be evidence of hallucination.

Yes, Romney won the first debate. Yes, the second debate was close, but Obama won.

On this third and last debate, as with the Vice Presidential debate, the Obama-Biden tandem won handily, and they will be reelected on November 6, and be re-inaugurated President and Vice President on January 20, 2013!

Republicans And Foreign Policy Knowledge And Expertise In The Past 50 Years

Whether one agrees or disagrees with Republicans in foreign policy in the past 50 years, one cannot deny the expertise of Presidential candidates, or in the absence of expertise by them, their Vice Presidential running mates.

Richard Nixon and Henry Cabot Lodge in 1960 had exceptional foreign policy background and experience.

Barry Goldwater may have been wrong headed and too aggressive, but at least he had knowledge of foreign affairs as a Senator from Arizona.

Richard Nixon in 1968 and 1972 had even greater expertise on foreign policy than in 1960.

Gerald Ford and Bob Dole had extensive background in foreign issues in 1976.

While Ronald Reagan had limited background in 1980, he had George H. W. Bush to assist him for eight years.

Bush had the expertise needed in 1988 and 1992, although he had the inferior Dan Quayle as his running mate and Vice President.

Bob Dole and Jack Kemp had experience and background when they ran together in 1996.

While George W. Bush had little background and experience, he had his dad and his running mate, Dick Cheney, who had been Secretary of Defense under his father.

John McCain had extensive background in foreign policy in 2008, although Sarah Palin was an embarrassment.

Now in 2012, we have two GOP candidates, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, who have no real background or experience, but both love to bluster and threaten and act tough, and the world looks on with trepidation at the thought that this inferior team might be in charge of national security and defense and foreign policy!

Foreign Policy Debate Tonight Is Crucial In So Many Ways!

There is a tendency among many observers to think that foreign policy is not an important campaign issue this year, but they are wrong.

Foreign policy affects the American economy and its future, as it often adds massively to the national debt.

Foreign policy affects civil liberties, much more than we realize, as our rights are being chipped away in the name of “national security”.

Foreign policy affects the military, and the likelihood of more military engagements and military spending, in a nation which already spends more on the military than the next 10 nations combined.

Foreign policy under Mitt Romney is more likely to bring about a revival of the “neoconservative” influence, and intervention in Iran, Syria and elsewhere, which only benefits the war industries and wealthy people, who are too willing to send poor, unemployed men and women in as cannon fodder for economic gains that make the plutocracy ever more powerful.

What we need is a measured and rational hand on foreign policy, and the record of Barack Obama makes him far better qualified to be our Commander in Chief and our Chief Diplomat.

Mitt Romney would be a massive gamble, a man who knows little about foreign policy, leans on George W. Bush advisers too heavily, and loves to shoot at the hip with his rhetoric, antagonizing even our friends, as well as our rivals. He does not deserve to be in charge of America’s role with the outside world!

The Secretive, Non-Transparent Candidate, Mitt Romney: Are We Going To Let Him Get Away With It?

Mitt Romney is the most secretive Presidential nominee in history, and yet, at this point, two weeks out, he is basically tied with Barack Obama in many public opinion polls. It seems as if the American people are prepared to, possibly, elect a candidate who is totally non-transparent about his life and viewpoints.

Romney refuses to talk about his finances and his wealth, with no more than two tax returns revealed. He refuses to talk about his investments in Swiss banks and in the Cayman Islands.

Romney refuses to talk about his religion, and his role as a Bishop in the Mormon Church, a position of leadership.

Romney refuses to talk about his Bain business career in detail, and the harm he did to many companies, and workers, and his dealings with China.

Romney refuses to talk about his plans for spending, and changes in the tax system, which would affect all Americans, if he were elected.

Romney has refused to reveal his funding sources for his campaign, and what pledges he has made to wealthy people who have supported him.

Romney has been refusing to be forthright on ANYTHING, and he has been arrogant in his refusal to be open to the news media in any form.

Romney has been shown to be a massive liar, and to act as if he is entitled to be President, simply because he lusts for the job.

But he sets a terrible standard for lack of transparency, and if he wins, the Presidency will be more secretive than it ever has been since Richard Nixon.

And remember, his own wife has been quoted as concerned how having the stresses of the Presidency might affect her husband’s mental health.

This man is narcissistic to the extreme, has delusions of grandeur, has no problem lying and misleading, cannot look at anyone directly in the eyes, and is clearly lacking in being genuine and trustworthy.

Just because he might be intelligent, and a good husband and father, does not qualify him, based on the above evidence, to be the President of the United States!

Hopefully, the American people will not make the mistake of electing an unknown quantity who could be dangerous in a secretive environment, such as the White House, with people ready to give in to any and all whims by a deluded President, who has no concern about public opinion! If so, he could be far worse in his negative qualities than Richard Nixon!

Bob Schieffer Of CBS: An Excellent Choice For Presidential Debate Moderator

Tonight’s last Presidential Debate moderator will be Bob Schieffer of CBS, and there could not be a better choice.

Schieffer is a veteran of five decades of journalism, and hosts Face The Nation on Sunday mornings.

He has always been seen as even handed and tough in questioning, and one should feel confident that he will suffer no fools in tonight’s debate, being equally tough on both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

This will be a memorable event, and hopefully, the television audience will be larger than for past debates, as this is the last opportunity to see the two Presidential candidates together on the same stage.

Two September 11ths—One Unifying, One Politicizing

On September 11, 2001, the greatest attack on American soil took place, and the nation united around George W. Bush. Only much later were there political debates surrounding that tragedy.

Eleven year later, on September 11, we saw the horrible attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya, with the resulting death of four Americans, including our Ambassador Chris Stevens. Instead of uniting around this tragedy, which as bad as it was, is far less of a tragedy than the killing of 3,000 Americans in 2001, instead the opposition Republicans have utilized it as a way to weaken the image of Barack Obama in an area that he has a reputation of great success—foreign policy!

If it were not for this unfortunate attack, the Republican Party and Mitt Romney would have no leg to stand on in the foreign policy debate tonight in Boca Raton, Florida.

As it is, polls show that President Obama has favorable ratings in foreign policy, and the hope is that tonight, Obama will show the inadequacies of Mitt Romney to be our Commander in Chief in charge of foreign policy for the next four years!

The Developing Gender, Age, And Racial Gap In American Politics Will Determine The Future

What is becoming more obvious by the day is that America is facing a major split politically over the nation’s future. It will show up in the results of the Presidential Election of 2012.

A gender gap, already present, is growing, between the majority of women, who vote Democratic, and the majority of men, who vote Republican.

An age gap is also widening, as younger voters tend to trend toward the Democrats, while senior citizens seem afraid of the future, including the racial changes coming in the population, and are tending Republican, even though the Republicans should be seen as a threat to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

There is also an obvious racial gap, with the majority of whites voting Republican, while the majority of African Americans and Hispanics-Latinos are voting Democratic.

This split, along gender, age, and racial lines presents many challenges to the winner of the election, and indicates the stresses and tensions within the nation, as we see an aging white population, and an emerging, much younger and growing minority community becoming the major factor in the future of American politics. It also shows the growing conflict between men and women over their roles in American society, as women become the challenge to men’s dominance economically.

The old traditions are being upended by a changing dynamic that will affect policy making in the future. And it will also affect both the Democrats and Republicans as they come to grips with the political future. The party which accepts the future will dominate, while the party that resists the future will suffer!