Day: October 29, 2012

Barack Obama And Hurricane Sandy: He Cannot Afford The Poor Response Of Both Presidents Bush To Hurricanes Andrew And Katrina!

President George H. W. Bush was greatly harmed by his government’s poor response to Hurricane Andrew in 1992, and it certainly contributed to his defeat in the Presidential Election Of 1992.

George W. Bush’s lowest moment in his Presidency was his poor response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and had the second term election been in 2005, instead of 2004, he would have lost reelection.

This has to be in the mind of President Barack Obama, as a poor response to Hurricane Sandy could guarantee, in a close race, that his opponent, Mitt Romney, defeats him in the upcoming Presidential Election of 2012!

October 29, 1929: Greatest Economic Disaster! October 29, 2012: Greatest Natural Disaster?

On this day, 83 years ago, in the year 1929, the United States experienced the Great Crash on Wall Street, the greatest economic disaster in American history, the beginning of the ten year long Great Depression. After three and a half years, the nation elected Franklin D. Roosevelt, who came up with plans that helped to alleviate these terrible economic conditions, and the New Deal changed America!

Now on this day in 2012, the Atlantic coast of the nation, with 60 million people, is about to be hit by the potentially worst, most costly natural disaster in American history, Hurricane Sandy, and we have a President, Barack Obama, facing a challenging political situation to win reelection in just eight days, and he now has an opportunity, but also a challenge, to deal with this crisis which could decide whether he will be inaugurated for a second term on January 20, 2013.

It is ironic that October 29 will go down in history for being the date of two important turning points in American history!

A Challenge And An Opportunity For Barack Obama: Hurricane Sandy’s Possible Effect On The Presidential Election Of 2012

The oncoming Hurricane Sandy, possibly one of the greatest natural threats in American history, with the potential to devastate 800 miles of coastline from North Carolina through New England, an area of 60 million population along the Atlantic coast of the United States, is both a challenge and an opportunity for President Barack Obama.

IF he handles the crisis in the best possible fashion, it could benefit him in the Presidential election coming up in eight days.

IF he fails to respond adequately, or is seen as exploiting the issue openly, it could guarantee his defeat next week.

The right balance is needed, as he will be in the spotlight in a way that Mitt Romney, his Republican opponent, cannot be, as only Obama is President and Commander In Chief at this moment of history.

But most important is the safety and security of the 60 million people affected, and this is time for prayers and doing whatever can be done to minimize the tragedy of this monster storm!