Day: October 3, 2012

Obama Performance Disappointing, But One Debate Does Not Make For Election Of Mitt Romney!

First impressions of tonight’s debate:

Mitt Romney was aggressive, dominant over moderator Jim Lehrer, showed his tendency to monopolize for his own benefit, showed his ability to lie and deceive, acted as if he was back to being a moderate Republican Governor of Massachusetts.

Barack Obama was too gentlemanly, too passive, too laid back, failed to take advantage of opportunities, and needs to do better.

But one good debate by Romney, and one disappointing debate by Obama does not determine the election by any means.

More commentary will come tomorrow, when the author has had time to sort through and analyze the debate in more detail!

Body Language, And Way Answers Are Given In Debate, Matter More Than What Is Stated!

The history of Presidential debates, and really any political debates between candidates, has been shown to declare victory more based on body language, and the way answers are given, than what is actually stated by the candidates!

It has been said that the eyes are the “windows of the soul”, and they do, indeed, reveal a lot about a candidate, and really about anyone one meets and deals with in life.

Visual cues really tell us a lot, including type of hand movements; whether someone is nervous or jittery; the tone of voice; whether anger or emotion show through, whether someone comes across as genuine and caring; and a sense of compassion and humanity.

Going by this reality, Richard Nixon in 1960 and George H. W. Bush in 1992 were harmed by visual cues a great deal, and they both lost their elections, even though it could be argued that both were better qualified than John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton!

This is something to keep in mind as one watches the Obama-Romney debates, and the Biden-Ryan debate, over the next few weeks!

Amazing Democratic Unity: Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry—All Working For Barack Obama!

The last three Democratic nominees for President—Bill Clinton, Al Gore and John Kerry—are all actively involved in promoting Barack Obama’s reelection.

Clinton has been the strongest promoter of Obama, including his inspiring, dynamic speech at the Democratic National Convention. He will have campaigned all over the nation for his successor in the White House By the time of the election next month.

Al Gore’s CURRENT channel is fighting the battle for Obama in a very clear cut manner!

And John Kerry is acting as a Mitt Romney stand in, in preparing Obama to deal with Romney tonight, and in the two future debates.

The Democratic unity is wonderful, considering the history of the party often dividing, and having a reputation as a disorganized political party.

Romney “47 Percent” Comment And Ryan “30 Percent” Statement Are “Nails In Their Coffin!”

No matter how well Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan do in their debates this month, when we look back after the election, it will be clear that the “nails in their coffin” will be Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” comment in May, and Paul Ryan’s “30 percent” comment in 2011, newly revealed, declaring that 30 percent of the country is satisfied to get a welfare check.

By Romney labeling and condemning nearly half the population, and Ryan characterizing almost one third of the population, the Republican nominees have alienated senior citizens, military veterans, college students, single mothers, and those struggling to live on the minimum wage!

Romney-Ryan cannot win a majority of the following groups:

African Americans
Jews, except Orthodox
Senior Citizens
Labor Union members
College Students
White working class, in the Midwest and Northeast
Military Veterans
Gays and Lesbians
Middle Class
Poor and Working Class, Except in the South
Single Mothers
Northeast and New England
Middle West, except maybe Indiana and Missouri
Mountain States, except Idaho, Utah, Wyoming and maybe Montana and Arizona
Pacific Coast
Liberals and Progressives
Self described Independents

Who will support Romney-Ryan as a majority?

Evangelical Christians
Orthodox Jews
Southern voters other than Virginia and Florida, and possibly North Carolina
Great Plains–North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma
Border States–Kentucky, West Virginia
Mountain States other than Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada
Wealthy Top Two Percent–Corporations, Wall Street, Inherited Wealth
Cuban Americans, particularly in Florida

The debates will NOT change the equation enough to save Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan!