Romney “47 Percent” Comment And Ryan “30 Percent” Statement Are “Nails In Their Coffin!”

No matter how well Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan do in their debates this month, when we look back after the election, it will be clear that the “nails in their coffin” will be Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” comment in May, and Paul Ryan’s “30 percent” comment in 2011, newly revealed, declaring that 30 percent of the country is satisfied to get a welfare check.

By Romney labeling and condemning nearly half the population, and Ryan characterizing almost one third of the population, the Republican nominees have alienated senior citizens, military veterans, college students, single mothers, and those struggling to live on the minimum wage!

Romney-Ryan cannot win a majority of the following groups:

African Americans
Jews, except Orthodox
Senior Citizens
Labor Union members
College Students
White working class, in the Midwest and Northeast
Military Veterans
Gays and Lesbians
Middle Class
Poor and Working Class, Except in the South
Single Mothers
Northeast and New England
Middle West, except maybe Indiana and Missouri
Mountain States, except Idaho, Utah, Wyoming and maybe Montana and Arizona
Pacific Coast
Liberals and Progressives
Self described Independents

Who will support Romney-Ryan as a majority?

Evangelical Christians
Orthodox Jews
Southern voters other than Virginia and Florida, and possibly North Carolina
Great Plains–North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma
Border States–Kentucky, West Virginia
Mountain States other than Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada
Wealthy Top Two Percent–Corporations, Wall Street, Inherited Wealth
Cuban Americans, particularly in Florida

The debates will NOT change the equation enough to save Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan!

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