Day: October 4, 2012

Barack Obama Ridicules Mitt Romney Day After Debate: Points Out His Contradictions And Lies

Barack Obama may have been passive in yesterday’s debate, or just maybe, the goal was to allow Mitt Romney to hang himself with his own chameleon nature, his constantly changing views, his own contradictions!

So today, Barack Obama was in Wisconsin, ridiculing Mitt Romney and pointing out that he was a “new” Mitt Romney, totally talking differently about everything from what he was stating for the past year during the primaries!

So Romney has now been shown to have made 27 lies in his 38 minutes of the debate, enough to indict him as what he is–a damned liar, a phony, an untrustworthy man, who will say anything to be elected President, and seems to think that the American people as a whole are that dumb as to just accept his constantly changing views on a daily basis!

Romney may be cocky at the moment, but Barack Obama is on the attack, and Joe Biden will be, and Paul Ryan had better watch out in next week’s debate, trying to defend a newly moderate Romney, while Ryan himself is an ideological conservative who will squirm when try

Romney has not won the debate as much as people think he has! Instead, he is digging his own political grave with his dishonesty and lack of ethics!

Historic Record Of First Presidential Debates With Incumbent President Running: One Win, Six Losses

We have seen seven incumbent Presidents run for reelection and participate in debates, and in the first debate in all cases but one, the incumbent President lost the debate, but three went on to win the election!

Gerald Ford in 1976; Jimmy Carter in 1980; Ronald Reagan in 1984; George H. W. Bush in 1992; George W. Bush in 2004; and Barack Obama in 2012 lost the first debate, while Bill Clinton won the first debate in 1996.

So far, the record for winning the election that followed is 3 wins, 3 losses—with Reagan, Clinton, and George W. Bush winning, and Ford, Carter and George H. W. Bush losing.

One forgets that Presidents have a lot of things on their minds, while Presidential challengers only are thinking of winning the debate and the election.

So be assured that Barack Obama, still close to having 270 electoral votes, will win the Presidential Election of 2012, and make the Republicans like it!

Romney “Victory” A Plus, As It Galvanizes Democrats And Progressives To The Struggle Ahead!

It is in a time of crisis that courage and principles are put to the test!

So last night’s “victory” by Mitt Romney in the Presidential debate with Barack Obama will have the effect of galvanizing Democrats and Progressives in recognizing the battle that is ahead of us!

More contributions are needed for the campaign; more efforts by volunteers are needed; more commitment to voting is essential; more spreading the word of Romney’s lies and deceptions are called for; and more faith in the decency and good intention of most people to do what is right is something we all have to believe!

The progress made under Barack Obama is under attack, but as with Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry Truman, and Bill Clinton, under attack by reactionary forces in the past, the battle has just begun!

Major Failure Of The First Presidential Debate: Many Topics NOT Covered!

Sadly, Jim Lehrer of PBS, the moderator of last night’s Obama-Romney Presidential debate in Denver, failed to control the debate, allowed Mitt Romney to act as a bully much of the time, and completely ignored many domestic issues, focusing only on taxes, spending and health care, and failing to keep to the time limits on each question that was addressed.

There was no mention or discussion of

Women’s issues
Immigration Issues
Gay Rights Issues
Veterans Issues
Labor Issues
Civil Liberties Issues
Environmental Issues

How can any debate on domestic matters by seen as “legitimate”, when none of these matters were addressed?

And by NOT addressing these issues, Jim Lehrer indirectly helped Mitt Romney to avoid responsibility and accountability for his outrageous expressed views on all of these matters!

One would think Mitt Romney was a moderate mainstream Republican, based on last night’s performance!

Nothing is further from the truth, and future debates, and debate moderators MUST address these issues, and stop giving Mitt Romney a “free ride”!

Past Presidential Debates With An Incumbent President: Naturally On The Defensive!

When one gets away from the momentary panic that many Obama supporters had after last night’s debate against Mitt Romney, and thinks rationally, and analyzes Presidential debate history, it is not all that surprising that a challenger will go on the attack and be aggressive with a sitting President, and set him back in the first debate they have in a campaign year.

Remember that a sitting President is busy every day, and is not as up to date in debating as a challenger, who has had to survive many debates and questions in order to reach the point of a Presidential nomination.

So when we look at the past, we realize the following:

Gerald Ford was on the defensive against Jimmy Carter in 1976.

Jimmy Carter was on the defensive against Ronald Reagan in 1980.

Ronald Reagan was on the defensive against Walter Mondale in 1984.

George H. W. Bush was on the defensive against both Bill Clinton and Ross Perot in 1992.

George W. Bush was on the defensive against John Kerry in 2004.

Despite this reality, Reagan and the second Bush recovered to win, while Ford, Carter, and the first Bush lost the election that ensued.

But also realize that Ford had inherited a mess from Richard Nixon, and had never seen himself in the Presidency before being selected by Nixon to replace Spiro Agnew as Vice President, and he was strongly challenged by Ronald Reagan in the primaries in 1976.

Also realize that Jimmy Carter was challenged by both Ted Kennedy and Jerry Brown in the primaries in 1980, and faced a charismatic former actor in Reagan, and a tumultuous crisis with Iran in 1980.

And realize that the first Bush faced a challenge from Pat Buchanan in the primaries in 1992, and a double challenge from Bill Clinton and Ross Perot, which undermined his ability to win votes that Perot took away from him in the fall campaign.

Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush faced no such challenges, and were able to overcome their weaknesses in the first debate of 1984 and 2004.

Additionally, Bill Clinton, facing no challenge in 1996, simply overwhelmed Bob Dole in the first and all debates of that year, with his charisma a major plus!

If one remains calm, one realizes that Barack Obama will recover from this disappointing debate, has charisma, had no challenger in the primaries, and therefore, will do like Reagan, Clinton, and the second Bush did–win reelection—-rather than lose election as Ford did, and reelection as Carter and the first Bush did!

Classic “Bait And Switch”: Mitt Romney, The Used Car Salesman!

Mitt Romney last night was the class example of “Bait and Switch”, a “used car salesman”!

Can anyone come away from this performance and feel that Romney is trustworthy, that he is honest, that he is truthful?

Considering that many domestic topics were not covered, can we trust Mitt Romney on the many issues that divide America, and Romney from Barack Obama?

Are we willing to give power to someone who is the phoniest national candidate in our lifetime?

This man is a charlatan, and it is up to Barack Obama and Joe Biden to go on the offensive in the next 33 days to make all Americans aware of the reality, that one cannot believe in or trust Mitt Romney , as what you see is NOT what you will get!

Mr. “Etch A Sketch” At Work: Who Is The Real Mitt Romney?

In the midst of all the applause for Mitt Romney’s performance last night, the question that arises is: Who is the real Mitt Romney, as Mr. “Etch A Sketch” was in full swing!

Suddenly, Mitt Romney was saying he would do nothing to harm anyone, that he was for everyone, that he was moderate and reasonable! He would not harm education; he would not give more tax cuts to the wealthy; he would keep the good parts of ObamaCare while repealing it! All this is a bunch of lies!

Can any sane individual say that they can trust to know who Mitt Romney is, and what kind of President he would be, after a campaign the past year designed to please the Tea Party crowd and the extreme right wing conservatives? And will the right wing be happy with a President who sounds more like a moderate Republican Governor of Massachusetts of six to ten years ago?

Mitt Romney was really Pinocchio last night, being totally deceptive and manipulative, and the infuriating thing is that Barack Obama allowed him to get away with it!

Barack Obama must stop being a nice guy, and start fighting back. Whether one agrees with Obama on every issue, the one thing that stands out is that he is genuine, and you get what you expect from Barack Obama.

Barack Obama needs to understand that, as former baseball manager Leo Durocher used to say, “Nice guys finish last!”