Day: October 26, 2012

Mitt Romney Decides To Copy Barack Obama: Hypocrisy In Action!

Mitt Romney has now declared he is out to bring “change”, despite the fact that he and his Republican party have constantly ridiculed Barack Obama for promoting “hope and change”.

The difference is that Barack Obama has accomplished a great deal in his time in office, arguably the most domestically since Lyndon B. Johnson, and has also accomplished a great amount in foreign policy, and national security, and the fight against terrorism.

Mitt Romney offers no such potential for success, as his one term as Governor of Massachusetts was so unpopular that he could not consider running for reelection, and in any case, he was just using the Governorship as a stepping stone to run for President.

Mitt Romney has run a negative, nasty campaign, and has embraced despicable people who promote attacks on women, minorities, labor, the poor, the middle class, the environment, veterans, gays, senior citizens, young people, and the disabled; and also has backed neoconservatives in their quest to engage America in more wars, even though most of them have never been in the military!

Romney using the term “change” is a mockery, and hopefully, the majority of Americans realize Romney for the charlatan, the chameleon, the phony, the insincere person that he is.

Romney is only running for President to enrich himself to an obscene level, advance a plutocracy similar to the late 19th century Gilded Age, promote his Mormon faith, and to stroke his own ego!

Mitt Romney needs to be given a resounding slap in the face, and told how much we detest everything he represents, as a danger to the American people and their future!

If Obama Loses, We Lose MUCH More Than He Loses!

President Obama has made the statement that were he to lose the Presidential Election Of 2012, he and Michelle would do just fine, and that is certainly true.

After all, he has been President, will go down in history as a President who had some positive effects on the nation, and will be able to spend the rest of his life with great earnings potential, and rising popularity over time, and would be mourned when he dies, with a state funeral, and always be part of the story of American history.

Being a one term President, he would be likely to have a lower ranking in the list of Presidents, as Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush have had, along with William Howard Taft, Herbert Hoover, and Gerald Ford, the five Presidents of the 20th century who lost reelection.

Obama has had a record deserving of being listed higher, but he needs a second term to reach the ranks of the more outstanding Presidents.

But, ultimately, the biggest loser if Obama is not reelected, are:

Women–who will see their movement toward equality and dignity stalled or reversed in massive ways.

Gay men and women–who will likely lose the advancements on gay rights and gay marriage, and true equality in all ways.

Hispanics and Latinos–who will see more anti immigrant backlash, and will lose the advancements for young Immigrants under the proposed DREAM Act.

African Americans—who will see greater racism and discrimination, and setbacks in the promotion of equality and fairness of treatment.

Labor–who will see more attacks on workers rights, favoritism toward corporate employers, loss of collective bargaining rights, and setbacks in the lives of ordinary, struggling Americans who have no union representation.

Environmentalists–who will see more oil drilling, air pollution, refusal to understand the dangers of climate change, and allow economic development that endangers the health of millions of Americans, all for the motivation of profit over health concerns.

The poor–who have rough lives, will see a lack of concern or action to deal with the reality of child poverty, homelessness, hunger, the lives of single mothers, and further condemnation of the poor, reminding us of the Gilded Age and Social Darwinism.

The Middle Class–who will suffer further degradation, loss of opportunity to advance, and the potential for their children to succeed being lessened dramatically.

Young People–who will have fewer opportunities to advance in education and work, and will be embittered and disillusioned about the American Dream, which will be unfulfilled for millions.

Senior Citizens–who will have to live in fear of dangers to Social Security and Medicare, and will lose the sense of security and contentment in their older years.

The Disabled—whether young, middle aged, or old, who will see a loss of concern and support, as through Medicaid and other government programs.

Civil Libertarians–who will see further erosion of the Bill of Rights, and the promotion of narrow minded views of Muslims and Hispanics-Latinos by government policy.

The Peace activists–who will see America engaged in more wars, because of the power of Neoconservatives who will promote further foreign adventures.

Military Personnel and Veterans–who will see more soldiers killed in the future, and more ignoring of the needs of veterans who are fortunate enough to come home alive.

Educators and Intellectuals–who will be less appreciated and admired, and will be labeled “Communists, Socialists, Terrorists” by people in the Republican Party, who will do everything they can to attack education and freedom of thought, and call critics “unpatriotic”.

So Barack Obama will do just fine if he loses, but we, the American people, will lose so much, and it will transform our lives in so many negative ways that most people cannot conceptualize or imagine!