Jim Lehrer

Major Failure Of The First Presidential Debate: Many Topics NOT Covered!

Sadly, Jim Lehrer of PBS, the moderator of last night’s Obama-Romney Presidential debate in Denver, failed to control the debate, allowed Mitt Romney to act as a bully much of the time, and completely ignored many domestic issues, focusing only on taxes, spending and health care, and failing to keep to the time limits on each question that was addressed.

There was no mention or discussion of

Women’s issues
Immigration Issues
Gay Rights Issues
Veterans Issues
Labor Issues
Civil Liberties Issues
Environmental Issues

How can any debate on domestic matters by seen as “legitimate”, when none of these matters were addressed?

And by NOT addressing these issues, Jim Lehrer indirectly helped Mitt Romney to avoid responsibility and accountability for his outrageous expressed views on all of these matters!

One would think Mitt Romney was a moderate mainstream Republican, based on last night’s performance!

Nothing is further from the truth, and future debates, and debate moderators MUST address these issues, and stop giving Mitt Romney a “free ride”!

Obama Performance Disappointing, But One Debate Does Not Make For Election Of Mitt Romney!

First impressions of tonight’s debate:

Mitt Romney was aggressive, dominant over moderator Jim Lehrer, showed his tendency to monopolize for his own benefit, showed his ability to lie and deceive, acted as if he was back to being a moderate Republican Governor of Massachusetts.

Barack Obama was too gentlemanly, too passive, too laid back, failed to take advantage of opportunities, and needs to do better.

But one good debate by Romney, and one disappointing debate by Obama does not determine the election by any means.

More commentary will come tomorrow, when the author has had time to sort through and analyze the debate in more detail!

Rush Limbaugh: Attempting To Bully Moderators Of The Presidential And Vice Presidential Debates!

Liar and bully Rush Limbaugh has declared rhetorical war on the moderators of the three Presidential debates and one Vice Presidential debate scheduled for the month of October.

Limbaugh is accusing all four moderators of being extreme left wing Democrats, and while saying that about all four–including Jim Lehrer of PBS, Candy Crowley of CNN, Bob Schieffer of CBS, and Martha Radditz of ABC–he adds the insult of calling Candy Crowley “Mama”, and Bob Schieffer “Dinosaur”!

Limbaugh is trying to use psychological warfare on the four moderators, trying to intimidate them, but they are all professionals with good reputations, and will not be bullied by a person who has as much a weight problem as Candy Crowley, but does not have the decency to avoid using names, and showing respect toward a woman moderator!

The best part of these upcoming debates is the fact that two women and two men will be moderators, rather than four men!

We should never again deny women equal opportunity to moderate Presidential or Vice Presidential debates, and we should continue to let Rush Limbaugh blow “hot air”, and ignore him as a person not worthy of our time or respect!