Major Failure Of The First Presidential Debate: Many Topics NOT Covered!

Sadly, Jim Lehrer of PBS, the moderator of last night’s Obama-Romney Presidential debate in Denver, failed to control the debate, allowed Mitt Romney to act as a bully much of the time, and completely ignored many domestic issues, focusing only on taxes, spending and health care, and failing to keep to the time limits on each question that was addressed.

There was no mention or discussion of

Women’s issues
Immigration Issues
Gay Rights Issues
Veterans Issues
Labor Issues
Civil Liberties Issues
Environmental Issues

How can any debate on domestic matters by seen as “legitimate”, when none of these matters were addressed?

And by NOT addressing these issues, Jim Lehrer indirectly helped Mitt Romney to avoid responsibility and accountability for his outrageous expressed views on all of these matters!

One would think Mitt Romney was a moderate mainstream Republican, based on last night’s performance!

Nothing is further from the truth, and future debates, and debate moderators MUST address these issues, and stop giving Mitt Romney a “free ride”!

One comment on “Major Failure Of The First Presidential Debate: Many Topics NOT Covered!

  1. Amy October 4, 2012 11:48 am

    I was also disappointed that none of those topics were discussed.

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