Martha Radditz

Scott Walker, The New “Glamour Boy” Of The GOP: A Lightweight Candidate For President!

The new “glamour boy” of the Republican Party, being touted by many observers, is Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who wowed many at the Iowa Conservative Conference, hosted by Tea Party Congressman Steve King.

Walker is a favorite of the Koch Brothers, who helped Walker to survive the recall attempt in 2012, and helped him win the gubernatorial race in 2014.

Since this third victory in four years, Scott Walker has been very cocky, arrogant and egotistical, bragging about having had three victories for Governor in four years, and how he is the “new face” that the Republican Party needs to win the Presidency.

The argument is that he can carry the Midwest and gain his home state for the Republicans, a claim that no serious political analyst believes to be true.

YES, a Governor who is Republican can win many states, but winning a Presidential election is something very different!

Walker has zero foreign policy expertise and knowledge, and demonstrated it on ABC’s This Week, in an interview with Martha Radditz. He showed the same lack of knowledge and smarts as former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin showed in 2008.

Walker has done great damage to labor; to education; to health care for the poor and disadvantaged; and is being investigated for his connections to Tea Party and outside corporate interests.

Walker has taken the state of Robert LaFollette, Sr.; Robert LaFollette, Jr.; William Proxmire; Gaylord Nelson; Patrick Lucey; and Russ Feingold, and brought corruption and undermining of good government to the Badger State.

For that, he cannot be forgiven, and the goal must be to undermine his potential front runner status, mostly coming about as a “fresh face”, instead of retreads, such as Rick Santorum, Rick Perry, Mike Huckabbee; and more extreme right wingers, including Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Bobby Jindal.

Scott Walker is bad news, and he is starting to be exposed for the phony he is, and the lack of intellect that he clearly demonstrates!

Rush Limbaugh: Attempting To Bully Moderators Of The Presidential And Vice Presidential Debates!

Liar and bully Rush Limbaugh has declared rhetorical war on the moderators of the three Presidential debates and one Vice Presidential debate scheduled for the month of October.

Limbaugh is accusing all four moderators of being extreme left wing Democrats, and while saying that about all four–including Jim Lehrer of PBS, Candy Crowley of CNN, Bob Schieffer of CBS, and Martha Radditz of ABC–he adds the insult of calling Candy Crowley “Mama”, and Bob Schieffer “Dinosaur”!

Limbaugh is trying to use psychological warfare on the four moderators, trying to intimidate them, but they are all professionals with good reputations, and will not be bullied by a person who has as much a weight problem as Candy Crowley, but does not have the decency to avoid using names, and showing respect toward a woman moderator!

The best part of these upcoming debates is the fact that two women and two men will be moderators, rather than four men!

We should never again deny women equal opportunity to moderate Presidential or Vice Presidential debates, and we should continue to let Rush Limbaugh blow “hot air”, and ignore him as a person not worthy of our time or respect!