Candy Crowley

A Presidential Race Without Hillary Clinton Or Jeb Bush Would Be Better For The Nation!

CNN Anchor Candy Crowley has said that she believes Hillary Clinton will not run for President in 2016.

Charlie Cook, Editor of the Charlie Cook Political Report, has said that Hillary hurt her cause on her recent book tour, and is seen as “rusty” by many, and that many think she will not run, although he thinks she will run. Cook also says that it is highly unlikely that Jeb Bush will run, and if he does, the odds of him being the GOP nominee for 2016 are low, predicting that a Tea Party Senator or a Midwest Governor will be the likely nominee.

What Cook says, if it happens, will actually be good for the nation, as we really need new faces, someone who has not run for President, on both sides of the political divide, and that includes Mitt Romney!

So if one goes by what Crowley and Cook are saying, the most likely strong competitors on the Democratic side would be Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Governor Martin O’Malley of Maryland, and two Virginians, Senator Mark Warner, and former Senator Jim Webb (who has recently made clear he intends to run no matter what Hillary Clinton does). Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, and New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, should not be left out of the fray, with the last two possibly entering if Hillary does not run. And New York Governor Andrew Cuomo might also choose to run. At this point, the favorite would be Elizabeth Warren. This is all based on the assumption that Vice President Joe Biden, not a new name himself, will not run, or will falter. In other words, a non Hillary race would be a lot more exciting, and a surprise could emerge from the race.

On the Republican side, if Charlie Cook is correct, it means one of the Tea Party Senators–Rand Paul of Kentucky, Marco Rubio of Florida, Ted Cruz of Texas–would emerge as the favorite, alongside a Midwestern Governor—meaning John Kasich of Ohio, Scott Walker of Wisconsin, or Mike Pence of Indiana.

Trying to imagine the final two in the Presidential race from this group is purely a guess–but somehow, the thought of Warren vs Kasich comes to mind, but really is a pure random guess!

CNN And The Steubenville, Ohio Rape Coverage: Disgraceful!

CNN has been declining in quality rapidly, and is losing its reputation as, supposedly, the most “balanced” cable news channel!

To watch Anchor Candy Crowley and correspondent Poppy Harlow talk ad infinitum about the loss of potential in two young football players in Steubenville, Ohio, who were convicted of raping a 16 year girl at a party, taping it, spreading it through social media, and bragging over their conquest, was enough to make one want to vomit!

What is the matter with these women, particularly the fact that they are WOMEN, that they express no concern or empathy for the female victim of the rape?

Who cares about whether these two young men are now to be listed as sex offenders, and that they will have a police record that will haunt them for the rest of their lives? Who cares that they will be incarcerated for their horrific crime?

This is a sign of what has happened in our society, the lack of respect for women and their basic human rights!

And when you have Christian pastors and Republican politicians who make clear their contempt for the rights of women, and can even justify rape as possibly having its virtues, including requiring that a child conceived in rape should be taken to birth, it makes one understand that with all of the great advancements for women in the past fifty years, there is still a long road to true respect and equality for women, in relation to men who seem to think, whether they are high school football players, clergymen, or politicians, that they should, somehow, be able to control women and their every action, including their pregnancies, their manner of dress, and their overall behavior, as, after all, men should, somehow, not be held accountable for their own actions, statements, and behavior!

It is also way past time for the news media at all levels, including social media, to stop degrading women in all kinds of ways, and for women reporters and anchors to do so, makes it even worse, so SHAME ON YOU to CNN, and a profuse apology is required!

Mitt Romney’s Total Lack Of Respect Toward Barack Obama And Candy Crowley

Mitt Romney showed his true nature last night!

He is a bully who has no respect for the President of the United States, and also no respect for women, as demonstrated by his misbehavior toward Candy Crowley, the moderator. He constantly interrupted both Obama and Crowley, and told Obama he would “get his turn”, as if he is talking down to some underling who works for him!

He is a BOSS, used to pushing people around, particularly women, and does not wish to give respect to a leader who happens to be African American.

Romney feels “entitled” to his own elevator while Massachusetts Governor, but sets a terrible example of failing to respect the office of the Presidency!

And he talks about “binders of women”, an insulting reference to looking for women to serve in his administration. It is clear that he secretly feels that most women should stay at home and depend on their husbands, as the Mormon Church has long promoted, and he can use the example of his wife, Ann Romney, a “good” woman, who allows her husband to be the boss, which he loves to be over everyone he associates with, who is not a wealthy male!

Can one imagine how outraged he would be, were he to become President, and anyone showed him an equal level of disrespect?

This man was rude, pushy, nasty, aggressive, and should remind women and workers, both male and female, of the boss they hate, and therefore, if he is so unwilling to give respect to others, he does not deserve the respect of the American people, and should go back to his many homes around the nation, and enjoy his obscene wealth gained at the expense of women and labor, many victims of his selfishness and greed over a lifetime!

And this is a “religious” man? Give me a break!

Major Turn Around By Barack Obama Changes The Dynamic Of The Presidential Race!

President Barack Obama did what he had to do this evening: turn around the dynamic of the Presidential race!

Obama was strong, assertive, confident, full of facts and details, and showed how genuine and sincere a person he is, and how much he cares for the American people! He won the debate on style and substance!

Mitt Romney acted nasty and mean; tried to dominate and control the debate, instead of Candy Crowley, the moderator; lied about many of the points that he made; and demonstrated lack of commitment to what he had said during the primaries. As usual, he was not sincere and genuine, and seems to lack the ability to be so!

For those who were worried about Obama, the confidence is back, and the willingness to work for the next three weeks to bring Obama back to complete his great first term and accomplish great works in his second term is moving full steam ahead!

More commentary on this debate will follow as the author has time to analyze what has happened in greater detail.

Rush Limbaugh: Attempting To Bully Moderators Of The Presidential And Vice Presidential Debates!

Liar and bully Rush Limbaugh has declared rhetorical war on the moderators of the three Presidential debates and one Vice Presidential debate scheduled for the month of October.

Limbaugh is accusing all four moderators of being extreme left wing Democrats, and while saying that about all four–including Jim Lehrer of PBS, Candy Crowley of CNN, Bob Schieffer of CBS, and Martha Radditz of ABC–he adds the insult of calling Candy Crowley “Mama”, and Bob Schieffer “Dinosaur”!

Limbaugh is trying to use psychological warfare on the four moderators, trying to intimidate them, but they are all professionals with good reputations, and will not be bullied by a person who has as much a weight problem as Candy Crowley, but does not have the decency to avoid using names, and showing respect toward a woman moderator!

The best part of these upcoming debates is the fact that two women and two men will be moderators, rather than four men!

We should never again deny women equal opportunity to moderate Presidential or Vice Presidential debates, and we should continue to let Rush Limbaugh blow “hot air”, and ignore him as a person not worthy of our time or respect!

The Absolute Gall Of Herman Cain: Time To Get Out Of The Presidential Race!

Herman Cain has proved to have more gall, more chutzpah, than anyone running for President on the Republican side of the aisle!

This man has yet another woman claiming inappropriate behavior by him, and this time, it is not him making a pass at women who did not wish it, but rather a woman who claims a THIRTEEN year affair with Herman Cain, and all Cain can say is that it is not true! One should feel sorry for Cain’s wife, who obviously does not know her husband and his proclivities. It is time for him to drop out of the Presidential race as he is becoming a burden to the party image.

But beyond that, Herman Cain has shown absolutely no understanding, no knowledge, no depth on foreign policy, economic policy, and really, just about every subject he is queried about by reporters. Even yesterday, on CNN, he totally confused Candy Crowley about his stand on numerous issues, as he says something, and then seems to contradict what he just said, and claims he is being misinterpreted!

If he cannot adequately explain what he is declaring, then he cannot be a good communicator to the public and to foreign nations, and this is not a laughing matter!

Additionally, Herman Cain had stage 4 colon cancer five years ago, and miraculously has gone into remission since, but seriously, should such a diagnosis be considered acceptable for someone to run for President, when the odds are that he might not live for another five years, to the end of the term he would be elected to? Is this responsible behavior, or is it a massive ego, who has delusions of grandeur that he is the conservative black alternative to Barack Obama?

Herman Cain, do us a favor and get out of our face and quickly! Thank you!

Vice President Joe Biden Suggests A Possible Candidacy For President In 2016

To the surprise of many observers, Vice President Joe Biden has suggested on a CNN interview with Candy Crowley that he might run for President in 2016, to succeed his boss, President Barack Obama.

Why is this surprising? It is because after two failed Presidential candidacies in 1988 and 2008, it was figured that Biden was just happy to be Vice President, play a crucial role in the Obama Administration, and then retire after two terms as Vice President at the age of 74.

But instead, Biden makes it clear that he is feeling good, enjoying his work, and will consider another run for the top spot.

How should one react to this? The author wishes to leave no doubt of his great admiration for Joe Biden, thrilled that he is playing a major role under Barack Obama, and convinced that he is adding to the stature and growth of the Vice Presidency. And Joe Biden has a winning personality–warm, gregarious, friendly, reachable–and has tremendous contacts and links to people on Capitol Hill. He is, in many ways, a more charming and charismatic Lyndon Johnson without the rough edges of the 36th President. He has tremendous experience, and in fact, would be by far the most experienced ever of any Presidential candidate, even surpassing Johnson, Bob Dole, and Henry Clay, among others. He would literally have 44 years of service in government by 2016, 36 in the Senate, making him one of the longest serving in that body’s history, plus eight active years as Vice President.

Having been Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee at different times, Biden would have a background that could not be matched by any Democratic or Republican opponent. He has the distinction of being the sixth youngest US Senator upon taking the oath, but the second youngest of all when one considers direct popular vote of the people after 1913, under the 17th Amendment.

His lifetime of service would be capped by four to eight years as President, but he would also be the oldest first term President at 74, and if he had two terms, would leave office as the oldest President in history. Only Ronald Reagan was elected in his 70s, and served two terms to just short by a few weeks of his 78th birthday, with Bob Dole being 73 when he ran, and John McCain being 72 when he was nominated.

The question is whether his health would hold up for the next five years and through a theoretical four to eight years after that. He would certainly be challenged by a new generation of leadership in his party, and his age might be a detriment. And since he is prone to gaffes and misstatements after so many years in office, and being extremely conversational by nature, he could have major problems in succeeding toward his goal.

One thing is certain–that if Joe Biden chose to run for President in 2016, it would be a fascinating run, whether he succeeded in his goal to be nominated and elected, or was retired after 44 years of distinguished service.