Sexual Misconduct

The Corruption Of The Supreme Court, With Five Appointees By Presidents Who Lost The Popular Vote!

With the likelihood that Amy Coney Barrett will be successfully confirmed to be the replacement of Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg on the Supreme Court, we are about to have a Court with five appointees by Presidents who lost the national popular vote, but still won the Electoral College.

George W. Bush lost the national popular vote to Vice President Al Gore in 2000 by a 540,000 margin, but was able to select Chief Justice John Roberts and Associate Justice Samuel Alito in 2005 and 2006.

And now Donald Trump, who lost the national popular vote to Hillary Clinton in 2016, by a 2.85 million margin, has been able to select Associate Justices Neil Gorsuch in 2017, Brett Kavanaugh in 2018, and now Amy Comey Barrett in 2020.

And even more infuriating is that three of these five appointees helped the George W. Bush campaign in the Bush V Gore Supreme Court case, assisting him winning the case in a majority Republican selected Court in December 2000–specifically, John Roberts, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Comey Barrett!

And the right wing Federalist Society, which has been on a 40 year campaign to make the federal court system move to the extreme right on such issues as health care, abortion, gay marriage, gun rights, so called freedom of religion, deregulation of the economy and the environment, suppression of voting rights and labor rights, has fully succeeded in its campaign to undermine American democracy and a sense of humanity!

So when one complains from the right side of the political spectrum at the “horror” of Democrats “packing the Court” if they were to add seats to the Supreme Court, one has to say the level of hypocrisy is enormous, when that has been the commitment for four decades of the Right in American politics.

And who can say that if the Republicans were to win control of both houses of Congress and the Presidency, that they would not be willing to promote “packing of the Court’, so that they could add two to four more seats to the Supreme Court, and make the Court not just the 6-3 margin it will now be, but possibly 8-3 or 10-3, if two to four seats were to be added!

And one more point: Two of the six member Republican majority have had sexual misconduct hanging over their heads, although it has not affected their tenure on the Court, speaking specifically of Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh. So the ethical and moral standing of the Court has been damaged irrevocably!

But do the conservatives and the Federalist Society care about this? Not one iota!

The Absolute Gall Of Herman Cain: Time To Get Out Of The Presidential Race!

Herman Cain has proved to have more gall, more chutzpah, than anyone running for President on the Republican side of the aisle!

This man has yet another woman claiming inappropriate behavior by him, and this time, it is not him making a pass at women who did not wish it, but rather a woman who claims a THIRTEEN year affair with Herman Cain, and all Cain can say is that it is not true! One should feel sorry for Cain’s wife, who obviously does not know her husband and his proclivities. It is time for him to drop out of the Presidential race as he is becoming a burden to the party image.

But beyond that, Herman Cain has shown absolutely no understanding, no knowledge, no depth on foreign policy, economic policy, and really, just about every subject he is queried about by reporters. Even yesterday, on CNN, he totally confused Candy Crowley about his stand on numerous issues, as he says something, and then seems to contradict what he just said, and claims he is being misinterpreted!

If he cannot adequately explain what he is declaring, then he cannot be a good communicator to the public and to foreign nations, and this is not a laughing matter!

Additionally, Herman Cain had stage 4 colon cancer five years ago, and miraculously has gone into remission since, but seriously, should such a diagnosis be considered acceptable for someone to run for President, when the odds are that he might not live for another five years, to the end of the term he would be elected to? Is this responsible behavior, or is it a massive ego, who has delusions of grandeur that he is the conservative black alternative to Barack Obama?

Herman Cain, do us a favor and get out of our face and quickly! Thank you!