Jon Huntsman: Still A RARE Sane Voice In The Republican Party, And A “Might Have Been” President In 2013!

Former Utah Governor and Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman, seen rightfully by the Obama campaign as a real potential threat to a second term, is still, in the aftermath of the Republican defeat, coming across as a rare sane voice in the Republican Party!

Huntsman accepts that taxes must go up on the wealthy: that we need immigration reform: that science must win out over religion regarding global warming and climate change; that neoconservatives wishing to invade everywhere must be ignored; and that gay rights and other social issues should not be the center of party debate.

This is all very reasonable and rational, and if the GOP is to have a future, they must turn to intelligent, knowledgeable leaders such as Jon Huntsman.

But don’t bet on it, as more likely, it will be KNOW NOTHINGS such as Rick Santorum; ideologues such as Paul Ryan; loony libertarians such as Rand Paul; or other right wing extremists, who will most likely continue to dominate the party leadership, to their detriment!

Foreign Policy Debate Tonight Is Crucial In So Many Ways!

There is a tendency among many observers to think that foreign policy is not an important campaign issue this year, but they are wrong.

Foreign policy affects the American economy and its future, as it often adds massively to the national debt.

Foreign policy affects civil liberties, much more than we realize, as our rights are being chipped away in the name of “national security”.

Foreign policy affects the military, and the likelihood of more military engagements and military spending, in a nation which already spends more on the military than the next 10 nations combined.

Foreign policy under Mitt Romney is more likely to bring about a revival of the “neoconservative” influence, and intervention in Iran, Syria and elsewhere, which only benefits the war industries and wealthy people, who are too willing to send poor, unemployed men and women in as cannon fodder for economic gains that make the plutocracy ever more powerful.

What we need is a measured and rational hand on foreign policy, and the record of Barack Obama makes him far better qualified to be our Commander in Chief and our Chief Diplomat.

Mitt Romney would be a massive gamble, a man who knows little about foreign policy, leans on George W. Bush advisers too heavily, and loves to shoot at the hip with his rhetoric, antagonizing even our friends, as well as our rivals. He does not deserve to be in charge of America’s role with the outside world!