Day: February 22, 2012

The Arizona Republican Presidential Debate: Rick Santorum Received “Free Pass” On Controversial Social Views

Tonight’s GOP Presidential debate in Arizona proved once again how vapid the Republican field of candidates is, but if anything, Newt Gingrich probably did the best; Mitt Romney held his own, which should help him in the upcoming primaries over the the next twelve days; Ron Paul showed courage in speaking up against the use of force overseas, and a rush to judgment about what to do in Iran; and Rick Santorum failed to impress, but received a “free pass” on controversial social views, by not being challenged on his growing use of religious dogma and invocation of Satan. Also, his great ability to laugh and smile helped him look undisturbed, and is his greatest asset by far.

In that sense, the debate was disappointing, and it is still going to have to wait for the judgment of Republican voters in 14 states.

The sense was that the audience in Mesa, Arizona favored Mitt Romney, so while all of the GOP choices are lacking, it could be a sign that Romney will recover from what looked like a possible disaster in the next two weeks.

Only time will tell, and it keeps a sane voter on tenterhooks as to who the Republican Party will offer as the alternative to Barack Obama.

Presidential Communication: Essential But Not Always Present

As this race for President wears on, it is more obvious than ever that the ability of a President to communicate with the general public is a major factor in promoting success, and that some Presidents, but not a majority, have been exceptional in displaying Presidential communication skills.

Presidents who have shown the communications skills that are urgent to possess include:

Theodore Roosevelt
Woodrow Wilson
Franklin D. Roosevelt
John F. Kennedy
Ronald Reagan
Bill Clinton
Barack Obama

The other Presidents, in one degree or another, lacked these skills and no matter how successful they may have been in accomplishing their goals, they tend to rank lower in the public mind.

Rick Santorum On Display Tonight At GOP Arizona Presidential Debate: What The Nation Will Likely Witness!

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum will be focused on at tonight’s Republican Presidential debate in Arizona, as it is his opportunity to implode, if he conducts himself in a reckless manner.

One can expect that Rick, who has been acting as if his id is separating from his ego and superego, will likely come across as nuts, whacky, extremist, weird, a religious zealot, and more!

The problem is that there is a substantial percentage of the American people who share his passions for theocracy and moral absolutism, and will look at Rick as a “nice, pleasant, handsome” guy who they can relate to, without realizing that to put Rick Santorum in the White House, or anywhere near it, would be a total disaster for the country and the world, as Rick has no limits to his self righteousness and absolute belief in himself. Even his wife promotes that with her public “worship” of her husband, a manifestation never seen in public life before now.

We would be bringing back the time of the Puritans of the colonial period, and a view of the world that if one is not Christian, one is the enemy. This man is extremely dangerous, and the idea that anyone could take him seriously, when what is needed is for him to have a psychiatric exam as to his level of sanity, is totally unnerving!

There is plenty to dislike about Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and Ron Paul, but any and all of them are safer for America than a President Rick Santorum! Whatever the GOP has to do, and the establishment types in the party know this, Rick Santorum cannot be allowed to be the Republican nominee for President!

And if by some craziness, Santorum is the nominee, every decent, sane individual must be convinced that he or she cannot sit home, as the dangers to the nation are too great to sit on the sidelines! Barack Obama must gain the support of all who have any sense of the long term future and protection of America!

A Great Moment: Groundbreaking For National Museum Of African American History And Culture On National Mall In Washington, DC!

Today, the birthday of President George Washington, marks an important day in American History, and not just because of the celebration of the birth of our first President.

We also saw today the groundbreaking on the National Mall in Washington DC of the National Museum of African American History and Culture, due to be opened to the public in 2015. President and Mrs. Obama and Laura Bush took part in the ceremonies, along with other dignitaries.

The museum construction, enacted by Congress in 2003, will create the 19th museum under the aegis of the Smithsonian Institution, and is long overdue.

About 19,000 artifacts so far have been gathered for this museum, which will cover African American history and culture from slavery thorough the Civil War and Reconstruction, the age of segregation, the Civil Rights Movement, and modern times, including African American contributions to our culture, music, sports and every other area of American life.

This is a wonderful day, and everyone should look forward to this national contribution to our history, and recognition of the importance of African Americans to our history.

President Vs. President In Presidential Elections: 14 Times and 20 Presidents

On George Washington’s actual birthday, 280 years ago (1732), it is appropriate to ask how many times has there been a Presidential election in which two Presidents opposed each other?

The answer is 14 times, and a total of 20 Presidents have competed against a fellow Oval Office occupant, present or future!

Here are the details:

Presidential Elections of 1796 and 1800–John Adams vs Thomas Jefferson, with Adams first winning, and then Jefferson.

Presidential Elections Of 1824 and 1828–John Quincy Adams vs Andrew Jackson, with Adams first winning (even though behind Jackson in popular votes), and then Jackson.

Presidential Elections of 1836 and 1840–Martin Van Buren vs William Henry Harrison, with Van Buren first winning, and then Harrison.

Presidential Elections of 1888 and 1892–Benjamin Harrison vs Grover Cleveland, with Harrison first winning (even though behind Cleveland in popular votes), and then Cleveland.

Presidential Election Of 1912–the only time three Presidents, past, present and future, ran against each other, with Woodrow Wilson defeating President William Howard Taft and former President Theodore Roosevelt (running on a third party line, the Progressive Party).

Presidential Election of 1932–Herbert Hoover vs Franklin D. Roosevelt, with FDR winning.

Presidential Election of 1960–John F. Kennedy vs Richard Nixon, with JFK winning, but Nixon later winning the Presidency in 1968.

Presidential Election of 1976–Jimmy Carter vs Gerald Ford, with Carter defeating President Ford.

Presidential Election of 1980–President Jimmy Carter vs Ronald Reagan, with Reagan defeating President Carter.

Presidential Election Of 1992–President George H. W. Bush vs Bill Clinton, with Clinton defeating President Bush.

Of these 20 Presidents, only Woodrow Wilson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton–a total of five–never lost to their Presidential competitor, although it could be pointed out that FDR lost the Vice Presidency in 1920, a race that Warren G. Harding won for the White House, and that Ronald Reagan lost the Republican nomination for President to Gerald Ford in 1976!

So another trivia contest for those who are interested!

Business Background And The Presidency: Herbert Hoover And George W. Bush

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney touts his business background and experience as a plus in his race for the Republican Presidential nomination. Many people take him at his word, but is that a good thing?

Historically, the answer is a resounding NO!

Who are the Presidents with a business background?

Two precisely, Herbert Hoover (1929-1933) and George W. Bush (2001-2009).

Isn’t that enough information all by itself?

Both presided over the WORST economic collapses in American history, Hoover with the Great Depression, and Bush with the Great Recession.

Hoover was, by far, the smarter and more talented and creative of the two, but still the business background was of no help at all in the Presidency.

The point is that business is NOT the same as government, and never will be. Business is NOT the right background to run a government, as the needs of people are vastly different than the need for profits.

So, business background and the Presidency do not mix well, and it will not insure that Romney would have a successful Presidency and revive the economy!