Moral Absolutism

Rick Santorum On Display Tonight At GOP Arizona Presidential Debate: What The Nation Will Likely Witness!

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum will be focused on at tonight’s Republican Presidential debate in Arizona, as it is his opportunity to implode, if he conducts himself in a reckless manner.

One can expect that Rick, who has been acting as if his id is separating from his ego and superego, will likely come across as nuts, whacky, extremist, weird, a religious zealot, and more!

The problem is that there is a substantial percentage of the American people who share his passions for theocracy and moral absolutism, and will look at Rick as a “nice, pleasant, handsome” guy who they can relate to, without realizing that to put Rick Santorum in the White House, or anywhere near it, would be a total disaster for the country and the world, as Rick has no limits to his self righteousness and absolute belief in himself. Even his wife promotes that with her public “worship” of her husband, a manifestation never seen in public life before now.

We would be bringing back the time of the Puritans of the colonial period, and a view of the world that if one is not Christian, one is the enemy. This man is extremely dangerous, and the idea that anyone could take him seriously, when what is needed is for him to have a psychiatric exam as to his level of sanity, is totally unnerving!

There is plenty to dislike about Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and Ron Paul, but any and all of them are safer for America than a President Rick Santorum! Whatever the GOP has to do, and the establishment types in the party know this, Rick Santorum cannot be allowed to be the Republican nominee for President!

And if by some craziness, Santorum is the nominee, every decent, sane individual must be convinced that he or she cannot sit home, as the dangers to the nation are too great to sit on the sidelines! Barack Obama must gain the support of all who have any sense of the long term future and protection of America!