A Great Moment: Groundbreaking For National Museum Of African American History And Culture On National Mall In Washington, DC!

Today, the birthday of President George Washington, marks an important day in American History, and not just because of the celebration of the birth of our first President.

We also saw today the groundbreaking on the National Mall in Washington DC of the National Museum of African American History and Culture, due to be opened to the public in 2015. President and Mrs. Obama and Laura Bush took part in the ceremonies, along with other dignitaries.

The museum construction, enacted by Congress in 2003, will create the 19th museum under the aegis of the Smithsonian Institution, and is long overdue.

About 19,000 artifacts so far have been gathered for this museum, which will cover African American history and culture from slavery thorough the Civil War and Reconstruction, the age of segregation, the Civil Rights Movement, and modern times, including African American contributions to our culture, music, sports and every other area of American life.

This is a wonderful day, and everyone should look forward to this national contribution to our history, and recognition of the importance of African Americans to our history.

2 comments on “A Great Moment: Groundbreaking For National Museum Of African American History And Culture On National Mall In Washington, DC!

  1. Christopher Carter February 24, 2012 9:54 am

    Laura Bush commented that George Washington freed his slaves in his WILL, as though he had decided that it was wrong to own slaves? Well, im no history expert and I do not even have a formal education, but what was that even supposed to mean? So what if he “freed” his slaves, he simply waited until he no longer NEEDED THEM and THEN freed them. Am I taking crazy pills here? Would I be said to have really cared about a certain charity if I left my money to it AFTER I was gone and no longer had use for it? What about all the years he lived and kept those people in his service?

  2. Ronald February 24, 2012 10:05 am

    Christopher, you make a very interesting point, which I can agree with you about. But understand, this is the hypocrisy of wealthy people who leave money behind for foundations and causes, after they have totally exploited other human beings in ugly ways in the mad search for MORE and MORE money, since they are never satisfied with what they have!

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