Day: February 1, 2012

Possible Plans Of Romney’s Opponents For The Republican Presidential Nomination

As a result of the Mitt Romney win in Florida, many political observers can now sense the possibility of chaos in the Republican party, as the Panhandle area of Florida, the “Old South” area of Florida, voted heavily for Newt Gingrich. This can stir Gingrich to try to win all of the Southern primaries, and have, at the least, a regional base for his Presidential campaign.

Gingrich, angry at the Romney negative campaign against him in Florida, is also now hinting that he will run a campaign to appeal to the American people, rather than the Republican Party, and that seems a strong hint that he might run as an independent in November, if he fails to win the GOP nomination.

Meanwhile, there is also the possibility of Texas Congressman Ron Paul also running in November as a libertarian candidate, and already, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, who was a participant in two early debates, has dropped out and is a declared candidate for the Libertarian Party nomination.

Also, there seem to be hints that former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum seems ready to stay in the race, although he has not done well in South Carolina and Florida. It could be that Santorum really hopes that Gingrich will withdraw eventually, and that he could become the conservative alternative to Romney. Or it could be that Santorum is staying in to PREVENT Gingrich from having a chance to be the nominee, and that Romney will award him with the Vice Presidential nomination!

And of course, Donald Trump has also threatened to run as an independent in November, if he is displeased with the ultimate nominee of the party.

These scenarios could work out to be false, but they certainly seem plausible at this point, and add to the interest in the Presidential campaign!

Mitt Romney’s Psychological Self Destruction Again Evident!

Imagine this: Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts Governor, is able to accomplish a major victory in Florida, and he goes ahead in the next 24 hours or less to destroy what he has accomplished!

Mitt had this urge to tease second place finisher Newt Gingrich by pointing out that Gingrich had failed to call him, and maybe had forgotten his number, said with a hearty laugh! That is very stupid, to make fun of the loser, and yet expect that the very competitive and vindictive Gingrich will eventually come around and drop his challenge. After this idiotic move by Romney, he has only guaranteed more grief longer term for his campaign. It also shows the level of arrogance that Romney has, something known before, but made worse by his cockiness after his Florida victory!

But then, Romney, in an interview on CNN, declares that he is not concerned about the “very poor”, as they are well protected by the “safety net”. This is an outrageous statement, as the very poor are in dire straits, and the so called “safety net” is full of holes, and it is no fun to see the working poor struggle to make ends meet every day of their lives! But of course, many Americans, including Romney, would like to forget these people, as they are an inconvenient annoyance!

He is also not concerned about the very rich (like himself) as they don’t need government, a totally true statement, but showing how he can only relate to his own aristocratic class of citizens. But of course, the government must not take away any of the wealth from his class in the form of taxes!

Romney claims he is there for the middle class, but he has shown no evidence of concern, and seems to fail to realize that much of the middle class has become poor due to the policies and programs of the Republican Party for the twelve years they controlled Congress, and their unwillingness to do anything to help these people because it might help make Barack Obama look better.

Romney just shows how out of touch he is with reality, and to expect him to do anything economically in the next four years for the middle class is a hallucination, as his whole record shows he is only concerned with protecting his own, and other wealthy people’s, assets!

Even conservatives, who truly don’t care about anyone but the wealthy, have expressed shock and dismay that Romney actually said what he said. They may, quietly agree with his statement, but trying to be elected and making such statements is tantamount to suicide.

What Mitt Romney has done in one day is guarantee a longer battle for the Republican Presidential nomination, and more “red meat” for Barack Obama and his campaign to use against him. It is almost as if Mitt Romney has a “death wish”, and really does not want to be elected President of the United States!