Day: February 8, 2012

The Crisis For Mitt Romney: He Actually Could Lose Republican Presidential Nomination!

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney was supposed to have convinced the opposition by now to withdraw from the 2012 GOP Presidential race, but it is now obvious that the battle will go on for a long time.

This is a real crisis for Mitt Romney, as he faces the threat of Newt Gingrich winning many of the Southern state primaries and caucuses, and Rick Santorum winning many of the Midwest-Great Plains primaries and caucuses.

Romney will be in true retreat if that happens, and the chaos only helps Barack Obama, who is smiling this morning after Rick Santorum’s three wins yesterday.

Glitter Or Other Personal Assaults On Presidential Candidates Totally Unacceptable And Dangerous!

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney faced another “glitter” assault yesterday in Colorado, having suffered one at an earlier event awhile back, and so have all of the GOP Presidential candidates.

Those arrested or detained for such incidents claim outrage at the candidates’ views on gay rights, or health care, or whatever.

There is NO acceptable excuse for such assaults, and they are also dangerous!

By being assaulted in such a manner, it can make the candidate and his aides change direction and possibly run into a planned deadly assault elsewhere. It comes to mind that a decision to change direction in 1968, even without an assault, led Senator Robert K. Kennedy into the kitchen at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles and his assassination.

The Secret Service and private security have enough to deal with as it is. They do not need reckless, inconsiderate, disrespectful people to claim freedom of speech as they commit their aggression on a political candidate or leader.

Such events should lead to prosecution as an example to convince others to stop considering such actions. As it is, this particular person in Colorado yesterday will face fines, a possible jail term, possible expulsion from his university, and possible ruination of his name and reputation when he needs to go out to the work world. This is personally destructive behavior that can have long range implications not only for the person involved in the assault, but also possible harm to someone who has every right to seek the Presidency in safety!

The Totalitarian Rick Santorum: Barry Goldwater Would Have Opposed Him Vehemently!

48 years ago, Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona led the Republican Party to total disaster in the Presidential Election of 1964. He was seen as dangerous in foreign policy, and wishing to wipe out the New Deal of FDR. And he had a tendency to have a loose mouth!

But if Barry Goldwater was alive today and involved in following the political scene, he would be vehemently against former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum without any doubt. The question is why would this be so?

The answer is that Barry Goldwater throughout his life was a libertarian, who believed that people’s PRIVATE lives were just that, private! He would be opposed to any interference in the social issues that the Republican Party is so wedded to in today’s political environment.

He made it clear over time in his later years that he was opposed to the Religious Right, the Moral Majority and Christian Coalition, led by preachers such as Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. He believed in total separation of church and state, and believed it was not the business of politicians to get involved in religious causes and promotion.

Goldwater declared his opposition to the so called Pro Life movement, believing in the right of women to control their own bodies, and therefore, to abortion rights.

Goldwater would have been shocked to have politicians wish to outlaw contraception, therefore effectively promoting poor people having children they could not afford, and which would impoverish them further.

Goldwater believed also in gay rights, and in no discrimination against gays and lesbians in the military, stating that in a foxhole, no one would care about another’s sexual orientation, as long as one could shoot straight!

Goldwater would be stunned at the support that Rick Santorum received in last night’s primary in Missouri, and caucuses in Minnesota and Colorado. He would condemn the totalitarian mind of Santorum, who complains about government interfering in any form in economic regulation, but has no problem in interference in social regulation!

Santorum has a wife who adores him, and gave up her profession of law to produce eight children for him. She looks at him as if he is perfect, a god like figure, in itself a sickening display! That may be fine for Rick and his wife, if she chooses to be like a 1950s “Ozzie and Harriet” or “Father Knows Best” wife. But it is NOT what a vast majority of women in America are going to allow in their lives, that the men order them around and control their very existence!

And gay Americans are not going to allow a hate monger, religious zealot like Rick Santorum to control who they love or marry, or any other aspect of their lives!

The candidacy of Rick Santorum will NOT be accepted by the nation at large, and if the GOP is smart, they will stop him as a danger to basic human rights and freedom, with his totalitarian ideas!

Obama Value System: Promote Academic Achievements Equally With Sports Achievements

President Barack Obama sponsored a Science Fair at the White House yesterday, and spent a lot of time talking to the young budding scientists, praising their ingenuity and hard work and success.

He promoted the concept that we need to honor achievements in academic areas, as much as we promote the accomplishments of sports figures.

This is a value system that needs to be emphasized, as although there is great love and admiration of sports greats, we need to realize that the future of this nation is saluting and promoting educational greatness as well!

Obama seemed to be really enjoying himself as he launched a marshmallow across the State Dining Room with a compressed air cannon invented by a 14 year old student from Arizona. This is the kind of photo opportunity not only thrilling to the young man, but also to the President himself, who seemed as if he was a teenager for just a moment in the midst of so much swirling around him daily.

This is the kind of fun moment that cannot hurt Obama as he seeks re-election and shows he can relate to the people, in a way that Mitt Romney and all of the other GOP candidates cannot do!