Value System

Obama Value System: Promote Academic Achievements Equally With Sports Achievements

President Barack Obama sponsored a Science Fair at the White House yesterday, and spent a lot of time talking to the young budding scientists, praising their ingenuity and hard work and success.

He promoted the concept that we need to honor achievements in academic areas, as much as we promote the accomplishments of sports figures.

This is a value system that needs to be emphasized, as although there is great love and admiration of sports greats, we need to realize that the future of this nation is saluting and promoting educational greatness as well!

Obama seemed to be really enjoying himself as he launched a marshmallow across the State Dining Room with a compressed air cannon invented by a 14 year old student from Arizona. This is the kind of photo opportunity not only thrilling to the young man, but also to the President himself, who seemed as if he was a teenager for just a moment in the midst of so much swirling around him daily.

This is the kind of fun moment that cannot hurt Obama as he seeks re-election and shows he can relate to the people, in a way that Mitt Romney and all of the other GOP candidates cannot do!