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The Anti Political Establishment “Rebellion” In Full Swing In Summer Of 2015

The summer of 2015 has witnessed a clear cut “rebellion” against the the political establishment in both political parties.

The Republican Party is observing the rise of Donald Trump, who, although he is part of the “one percent” as a billionaire, is perceived as “anti Establishment”.

No matter how Donald Trump acts, and no matter what he says, he is still the clear leader in public opinion polls, reinforced after the controversial Fox News Channel Republican Presidential debate in Cleveland, Ohio, on Thursday, August 6.

Not only is Trump still with a wide lead, but now, at least in the NBC News poll that has emerged on Monday morning, Texas Senator Ted Cruz has ended up second; former pediatric surgeon Dr. Benjamin Carson is third; former Hewlett Packard businesswoman Carly Fiorina is fourth; and Florida Senator Marco Rubio is fifth.

So this means that three of the top four in the poll are “non politicians”, and Cruz at number two is in the Senate for only three years; and Rubio at number five is in the Senate for only five years, meaning even they are not seen by many as part of the “political establishment”, since they are both in their first term in national politics.

Also of interest is that we witness an African American, two Cuban Americans, and a woman in the top five of the Republican Presidential poll.

At the same time, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has attracted the largest crowds of any candidate on either side of the Presidential race; has had crowds such as 15,000 in Seattle, 20,000 plus in Portland, and impressive crowds in Texas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Colorado, and Maine; and is now only a few points behind Hillary Clinton in polls in New Hampshire, and definitely gaining poll points everywhere at the expense of Hillary. This is so despite the fact he is identified as a Socialist, and only has connected to the Democratic Party in the House and Senate for committee appointments, but is certainly to the left of just about all Democrats in Congress. So he is, in many ways, anti “political establishment” in his platform and rhetoric.

The question is whether this “rebellion” in both political parties will lead to real transformational change, or whether in the end, Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton will triumph as the nominees of their parties, and possibly lead to many people staying home and not voting in protest, or rallying to a Donald Trump third party candidacy!

Possible Plans Of Romney’s Opponents For The Republican Presidential Nomination

As a result of the Mitt Romney win in Florida, many political observers can now sense the possibility of chaos in the Republican party, as the Panhandle area of Florida, the “Old South” area of Florida, voted heavily for Newt Gingrich. This can stir Gingrich to try to win all of the Southern primaries, and have, at the least, a regional base for his Presidential campaign.

Gingrich, angry at the Romney negative campaign against him in Florida, is also now hinting that he will run a campaign to appeal to the American people, rather than the Republican Party, and that seems a strong hint that he might run as an independent in November, if he fails to win the GOP nomination.

Meanwhile, there is also the possibility of Texas Congressman Ron Paul also running in November as a libertarian candidate, and already, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, who was a participant in two early debates, has dropped out and is a declared candidate for the Libertarian Party nomination.

Also, there seem to be hints that former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum seems ready to stay in the race, although he has not done well in South Carolina and Florida. It could be that Santorum really hopes that Gingrich will withdraw eventually, and that he could become the conservative alternative to Romney. Or it could be that Santorum is staying in to PREVENT Gingrich from having a chance to be the nominee, and that Romney will award him with the Vice Presidential nomination!

And of course, Donald Trump has also threatened to run as an independent in November, if he is displeased with the ultimate nominee of the party.

These scenarios could work out to be false, but they certainly seem plausible at this point, and add to the interest in the Presidential campaign!

The Growing Surge Of Newt Gingrich, And The Growing Likelihood Of Independent Presidential Candidacies Of Ron Paul And Jon Huntsman!

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich looks more than ever the likely Republican nominee for President as a result of recent events and likely scenarios.

He received the endorsement of the Manchester Union Leader in New Hampshire.

He received the backing of two major Iowa newspapers this week.

It is thought likely, with the removal of Herman Cain from the race, that Gingrich will receive most of his support.

It is also thought likely that Cain will endorse Gingrich before the Iowa caucuses.

It is also likely that Donald Trump will endorse Gingrich after the December 27 debate to be moderated by Trump.

And Gingrich is ahead in the Iowa polls, and if he wins that race, we may see some of the other candidates withdraw, and it seems certain that such candidates as Rick Santorum, Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann would prefer Gingrich over Mitt Romney as the GOP nominee, and would endorse him.

Only Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman would be unlikely to back Gingrich, and both might be considering third party or independent runs for the White House.

Interestingly, ONLY Paul and Huntsman are refusing to take part in the charade, the circus, the farce known as the Trump debate on December 27. This says a lot about the GOP race, that only these two men can really be seen as principled and consistent in their views, whether one likes them or not! They are not going to spend time flattering the ego of Donald Trump!

Margaret Hoover And The Future Of The Republican Party: Eliminate Social Conservatism And The Religious Right Influence

Margaret Hoover is the great granddaughter of President Herbert Hoover, and has written a new book entitled AMERICAN INDIVIDUALISM, in which she promotes the ideas of her great grandfather as the way for the Republican Party to grow and succeed in the future, by drawing the support of voters under 35 with their often expressed view of economic conservatism mixed with social liberalism.

Hoover says that social issues have damaged the Republican Party, and that they have become tied to the evangelical Right on such issues as abortion and gay rights and school prayer, and that these issues should not be connected to the party platform, as they cause the loss of support among those under 35.

Separation of church and state should be promoted, as it was until the late 1970s and early 1980s, when the party was influenced and captured by the Christian Coalition of Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and other evangelicals who have become influential factors in Iowa and elsewhere, and have a tremendous influence on the Presidential nominating process and the Congress.

Even if one does not agree with Margaret Hoover’s promotion of economic conservatism, one can sympathize with her view that the Republican Party needs to stop being captive to the religious Right, liberate itself, and if it does so, it will have a better, long term future competing for the younger more socially liberal voting population, which has grown dramatically in recent years.

And as far as the evangelical Christian right is concerned, they have every right to run a third party candidate, but their influence over the major parties should be eliminated, and we should return to the concept of separation of church and state in American politics.