Manchester Union Leader

The Growing Surge Of Newt Gingrich, And The Growing Likelihood Of Independent Presidential Candidacies Of Ron Paul And Jon Huntsman!

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich looks more than ever the likely Republican nominee for President as a result of recent events and likely scenarios.

He received the endorsement of the Manchester Union Leader in New Hampshire.

He received the backing of two major Iowa newspapers this week.

It is thought likely, with the removal of Herman Cain from the race, that Gingrich will receive most of his support.

It is also thought likely that Cain will endorse Gingrich before the Iowa caucuses.

It is also likely that Donald Trump will endorse Gingrich after the December 27 debate to be moderated by Trump.

And Gingrich is ahead in the Iowa polls, and if he wins that race, we may see some of the other candidates withdraw, and it seems certain that such candidates as Rick Santorum, Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann would prefer Gingrich over Mitt Romney as the GOP nominee, and would endorse him.

Only Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman would be unlikely to back Gingrich, and both might be considering third party or independent runs for the White House.

Interestingly, ONLY Paul and Huntsman are refusing to take part in the charade, the circus, the farce known as the Trump debate on December 27. This says a lot about the GOP race, that only these two men can really be seen as principled and consistent in their views, whether one likes them or not! They are not going to spend time flattering the ego of Donald Trump!

Major Turning Point For Republican Presidential Race: Endorsement Of Newt Gingrich By Powerful New Hampshire Conservative Newspaper

It has been assumed all along that Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts Governor, was the front runner, and that he would win the GOP Presidential nomination.

Now it can be said that is much less likely as conservative discontent with Romney and his chameleon status, his constant flip flopping on just about every issue, has led the Manchester Union Leader, the leading newspaper in New Hampshire, to endorse former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, who has surged to the lead in many public opinion polls after a disastrous start to his campaign five months ago.

Gingrich has many faults and shortcomings that can be utilized against him by President Barack Obama, but he comes across as far more exciting, interesting, and controversial in his actions and utterances than does Romney.

The first question will be whether Gingrich can garner his significant newspaper endorsement with a victory over Romney in the New Hampshire primary, which is practically home territory for Romney, who governed next door, and now has a home in the Granite State.

More than ever, the primary in New Hampshire seems like the turning point it has almost always been, in the sense that since the primary began in that state in 1952, every Presidential winner has won the primary in New Hampshire except Bill Clinton in 1992, George W. Bush in 2000, and Barack Obama in 2008.

It is clear the the Obama team needs to do a lot more preparation for a possible Gingrich candidacy, although at present, they have been assuming a Romney candidacy.

Most observers would think at this time that a Romney candidacy would be more challenging to Obama than a Gingrich candidacy in 2012. But it has been a reality that no one can truly be sure how a Presidential matchup would work out until the actual campaign gets under way in the fall of 2012.