Day: January 4, 2010

Dick Cheney And The Truth: Not Someone Who Can Be Trusted!

Former Vice President Dick Cheney has real problems dealing with the truth.

He claims that President Obama acts as if we are not fighting a war against terrorists, when Obama has constantly spoken about it, and is making more of a military commitment to Afghanistan.

Cheney also says that Obama is wrong to release people held in Guantanamo Naval Base, and yet the Bush Administration released numerous (in the hundreds) so called terrorists, and returned them to countries in the Middle East, including Yemen, and some have gone back into the war on terror.

Cheney and others say that the Christmas Day Bomber should not have a civilian trial, and yet Richard Reid, the Shoe Bomber in 2001, had just such a trial, and is serving life in prison without parole at a maximum security prison in Colorado.

So, Vice President Cheney, what is the problem you have with consistency and the truth? But then again, it is obvious you have been doing a lot of lying since you became Vice President in 2001. In fact, it could be said that you are a pathological liar who cannot be trusted! 🙁

The 2010 Census And Michele Bachmann

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann of Minnesota was railing against the 2010 Census last August as possibly a conspiracy to gain personal information about families that might be used against them. She was advising families in her district to avoid answering any questions other than how many people lived in their residences. She seemed to have been unaware that the census every ten years is provided for in the Constitution, and was therefore set up by the Founding Fathers, and that compliance with the census forms is a legal requirement of all Americans, in order to provide for the best services to the American people for the decade ahead.

This crazy, loony conspiracy theory only added to Bachmann’s image of being a loose cannon, attractive to the Freedom Works/Tea Party people, but no one with any common sense or normal psychological behavior.

But interestingly, Bachmann has been very quiet about this issue lately, as it became evident that Minnesota might lose a congressional seat, and based on what happens in the 2010 state elections, it could very well be that her seat might be affected by reapportionment, and she might be the unfortunate one to loser her seat in 2012, if not by her own crazy antics in 2010.

Those who want to see Bachmann eliminated from Congress should support her Democratic opponent, and hope that if that does not work, that the state legislature sets up district lines that will do the job of silencing this embarrassment to the Republican party and the state of Minnesota!

Republicans And The Use Of The Word “Terror” Against Barack Obama

Republicans have been on the offensive since the Christmas Day Bombing attempt in Detroit, accusing President Obama of refusing to use the word “terror” and to fight a war against it.

This is absolutely amazing, since Obama CONSTANTLY uses the word “terror” and has decided to send more troops to Afghanistan to fight against terrorism. But you would never know it from what GOP leaders are saying.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney, South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint, Missouri Senator Kit Bond, and Michigan Congressman Peter Hoekstra have all be lying through their teeth just for political advantage, thinking that the American people will believe what they have to say.

Of course, they are being assisted by talk radio and Fox News Channel, so the battle to tell the truth must continue, as the Republicans will stop at nothing to politicize the problem of terrorism for partisan advantage.

Again, as often in the past, the GOP is best at promoting fear and insecurity to gain and keep power. Telling the truth is not half as important! 🙁

Hooray For Principle! Congressman Parker Griffith’s Staff Resigns Over Switch To GOP

It is very refreshing to see that some people who work for a politician have strong enough convictions that they are willing to resign their positions rather than support disloyalty to party by their boss.

I am referring to Congressman Parker Griffith, a Blue Dog Democrat, who had refused to back any of President Obama’s agenda in 2009, and decided to switch parties just before Christmas.

Today, the staff announced as a group that they were unwilling to support his switch based on principles, and beliefs in the Democratic agenda.

Griffith faces a tough GOP primary, and hopefully, he will lose the nomination because of his lack of loyalty to the party that elected him to Congress in 2008. His staff is to be commended, in difficult times, for showing that principles do indeed matter!

Are Political Dynasties A Bad Thing For America? Leave It To The Voters To Decide!

Jack Cafferty on CNN today brought up the issue of political dynasties, declaring that having different generations of a political family in office is a bad thing for democracy.

I beg to disagree, as it is always up to the voters IF they want the relatives and offspring of political leaders to be in public office. They may have an edge in name recognition, but they also have a need to prove via their statements, actions and records that they deserve to be in public office. It is not as if these seekers win the seats by default, and often, they have failed to accomplish the goal of winning the election.

When one looks at the past, one can think of the Adamses, the Lodges, the Harrisons, the LaFollettes, the Tafts, the Roosevelts, the Kennedys, the Rockefellers, the Bushes, and the Clintons as the most outstanding examples of so called “dynasties”, and I would argue that despite some controversy, all of these families contributed much to American history.

So if there are people related to Jimmy Carter, Harry Reid, Dennis Hastert, Ron Paul, Joe Biden and others running for public office, all the best of luck as you attempt to convince the voting public as to your right to represent them in government!

Glenn Beck: The Most Dangerous Demagogue Since George Wallace!

Dana Milbank in the Washington Post yesterday pinpointed the fact that radio and TV talk show host Glenn Beck has become the most dangerous demagogue since George Wallace in the 1960s and early 1970s.

Even more than Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity or Bill O’Reilly, Beck has become the true promoter of division and anarchy in this country through his rantings and ravings on Fox News Channel and his radio show.

Beck has claimed his belief in “death panels” under the Health Care Reform legislation, an idea first promoted by former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. He has claimed the government is organizing FEMA concentration camps for those opposed to Obama’s government. He has stated that President Obama wants to create an equivalent of Hitler’s SS or Saddam Hussein’s Republican Guard. He claimed Rockefeller Center has secret meanings that are Communist, Socialist, and Progressive in its architecture and sculptures on the walls. He asserted that the government wants to promote forced abortions. This is just a selected list of his crazy assertions!

As the Anti Defamation League stated, Beck is willing to give credence to conspiracy theorists and anti government extremists.

Beck talks about Nazism and Marxism as if they are one and the same. He appeals to his ignorant audience that is too easily made emotional by his acting performance which borders on the insane much of the time.

The fact that the Gallup poll last week showed him more popular than anyone, except former South African leader Nelson Mandela, is terrifying news. His being more popular than Billy Graham, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, and George HW Bush shows how ill informed and emotional the American public has become.

This reminds me of the appeal that Father Charles Coughlin, the “Radio Priest”, had in the years of the Great Depression. It also brings back memories of Senator Joseph McCarthy, who promoted the Red Scare in the 1950s. And, of course, it brings back bad memories of Governor George Wallace of Alabama in the 1960s and 1970s, who promoted race hatred and insecurity as he ran for President.

Face the facts: Glenn Beck is the new menace to American freedom and stability, and the fact that many advertisers have withdrawn from supporting his show on Fox News Channel is a good thing. This man has nothing positive or encouraging to say, and it is obvious he is just out to enrich himself at the expense of the gullible Americans who are rightfully concerned about their future, but are being told by this recovering alcoholic to have fear and hate for their government and many of their fellow citizens.

It is time for Americans who believe in truth and positive thinking to denounce and boycott this spewer of poison and hate, who is laughing all the way to the bank at our expense! 🙁