Day: January 13, 2010

Pat Robertson Rears His Ugly Head: The Haitian Earthquake

Lately, I had been thinking about what happened to Pat Robertson, who has been out of the news recently. It was a relief that he had not spouted his hypocritical brand of evangelical Christianity that promotes hate and prejudice instead of the true Christian spirit.

But lo and behold, Pat has just spoken up on the tragedy of the Haitian Earthquake, possibly the worst earthquake of modern times in the Western Hemisphere, and the latest natural disaster to hit the poor country of Haiti, coming on top of four hurricanes in 2008.

Robertson’s poison was to say that the Haitians two hundred years ago had made a pact with the devil by fighting against French control of their country, with many adopting Voodoo in opposition to French Christianity.

Robertson needs to be silenced, as he is promoting hate and racism, nothing new for him, but despicable in the midst of such a great national crisis. But then, one must remember that it was the same Pat Robertson who, after September 11, blamed the event on gays, feminists, environmentalists and liberals.

That other notorious evangelical Christian leader, Jerry Falwell, has been taken from us by his God,with no loss to mankind. Let’s hope that Pat Robertson soon will be silenced by a loving God who realizes how Pat has distorted the message of true Christianity: to be thy brother’s keeper and promote love and tolerance, not hate and prejudice and division! 🙁