Day: January 14, 2010

Campaign Finance Laws In Limbo Awaiting Supreme Court Decision

A momentous decision is about to be made by the US Supreme Court soon, regarding whether campaign finance laws that restrict spending by corporations and unions should be loosened, which would allow much more negative advertising in political campaigns, including the upcoming midterm congressional elections in November 2010.

Supporters of loosening campaign finance laws argue that it is a question of freedom of speech. The opposite view is that such a change would encourage undue influence in a negative way by powerful groups which have unlimited funds that could distort the truth and promote manipulation of voters by very negative campaign commercials and advertising.

It is clear to me that we should not want more corporate and union influence which would undermine political campaigns which are already too negative, tending to turn off voters from participating and making them feel that the power of money matters more than them.

Hopefully, the Supreme Court will not be a partner in the undermining of American democracy, and will prevent the distortion of our system by wealthy special interests. This is not an issue of freedom of speech, but rather of the right of the American people to avoid demagogic methods used by pressure groups which care very little about anything other than their own special interests!