Day: January 8, 2010

Barack Obama And National Security: A Man Who Accepts Responsibility And Accountability!

President Obama was a class act yesterday afternoon as he issued a report on the failure of security agencies to prevent the attempted terrorist attack on Northwest Flight 253 over Detroit on Christmas Day.

Rather than blame specific people, he simply said that there was a failure to connect dots, and that action was being taken to help prevent that from happening again.

He also said what Harry Truman had said in the White House: that “the buck stops here” in the Oval Office. He said he took full responsibility and accountability for what had happened, and that was so refreshing! John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan had also said that in different crises, but George W. Bush had avoided and even often denied responsibility and accountability many times during the various blunders and disasters of his administration.

Obama also said we are involved in full scale war against Al Qaeda, again enunciating what he has said many times, but the question is whether we will finally see the GOP shut up about this issue.

Specifically, Dick Cheney, his daughter Liz Cheney, and South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint and Michigan Congressman Pete Hoekstra have exploited this issue for political gain. Will this statement by Obama finally get them to do what Obama suggested?: that we should all be promoting citizenship, rather than partisanship, in the fight against terrorists? Don’t bet on that! 🙁

Obama also said he would never allow any violation of our civil liberties while fighting Al Qaeda, as those basic liberties are too important to be broken in wartime, as often has happened in the past.

This is very inspiring, and shows just how outstanding a President Barack Obama is, a true model of what a President should be all about. We should all applaud him and unite around our Commander in Chief as he fights the war against those who wish to disrupt and destroy our society with their religious madness!