Day: January 9, 2010

Michael Steele: A Major Disaster For The GOP! Sign Of The Possible Implosion Coming!

Republican National Chairman Michael Steele is becoming a major handicap for his party, and it seems unlikely that he will last much longer in his position.

Coming out publicly with doubts that the GOP can win a large victory in 2010, including the possibility of a takeover of Congress, has really angered the party base, and the feeling is that Steele is simply trying to sell his new book and advance himself at the expense of his party.

The Republican party, being still so bitterly divided as to how far right it should go, seems ready to implode. This is good news for Democrats, who despite their many problems, still have a strong possibility of keeping their expected losses in Congress this coming fall at a minimum.

The point is that the Democrats and Barack Obama are taking action and have prevented the Great Recession from becoming the Great Depression. They have also begun to take action to modify the failures of the previous administration in our homeland security which allowed the possibility of the Christmas Day Bombing attempt.

The Democrats have been the party of action, while the Republicans have been the party of no action, partisanship, division, and attacking the concept of government itself by flirting with the Freedom Works/ Tea Party anarchists! The American people will come to realize this as the year wears on to the midterm elections!

Senator Jim DeMint And The Transportation Security Administration

South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint, a leading critic of the nominee to head the Transportation Security Administration because of his backing of the collective bargaining rights he believed the TSA employees should have, can be accused of undermining the job of the TSA to protect the American people.

Why does Senator DeMint believe that TSA workers should not have the right to decent conditions of work? Does he not realize that, if you have satisfied employees who have basic rights that other government workers have, you will obtain better performance and higher standards of commitment than if you have low paid, poorly treated workers?

It comes down again to the reality that Senator DeMint, looking ahead to running for President in 2012, is more concerned over being the typical anti labor Republican from the South than in doing what is right for the agency and its workers!

Rudy Guiliani, Mary Matalin, Dana Perino, FOX News: Liars, Propagandists, Demagogues! :(

In the wake of the Christmas Day Bombing attempt in Detroit, and when President Obama said it is time for citizenship, not partisanship, in the fight against terrorism, along comes former NYC Mayor Rudy Guiliani, former Bush and Cheney aide Mary Matalin, and former Bush press secretary Dana Perino, promoting lies and propaganda and acting like demagogues, and FOX News aiding and abetting it.

All of them are saying there were no domestic terror attacks under Bush, while now there has been one under Obama!

I suppose they are imagining that September 11 never occurred, and that the Shoe Bomber Richard Reid in December 2001, did not happen.

How can they promote such myths except if they believe the American people are either gullible or stupid? Particularly, Mayor Guiliani, who has exploited 9/11 for all it is worth, suddenly has a “lapse of memory”!

But I also wonder how the Democratic strategist James Carville can remain married to such a liar as his wife, Mary Matalin. And as far as Dana Perino is concerned, she continues to come across as the absolutely worst press secretary ever, displaying her stupidity and ignorance while in that position and not improving her reputation out of office!

And of course, Fox News, and particularly Sean Hannity, just sits by as the lies and myths are stated, and has nothing to say! What ever happened to honest, decent journalism, Sean, heh? 🙁