Day: January 22, 2010

The Demise Of Air America Radio: A Tragic Loss

The sad news has emerged that Air America Radio, the liberal-progressive attempt to compete with conservative talk radio, has gone bankrupt and will go off the air next Monday after five years of trying to become an alternative political choice on radio.

Various liberals attempted to draw a large audience, including Minnesota Senator Al Franken, Ed Schultz, Randy Rhodes, and Stephanie Miller, but it failed to click.

Conservatives will cheer this news, but it is a loss when an electronic media source, as much as a print media source, fails.

The American people are the loser when a form of media is so dominated by one side of the political spectrum, so it behooves liberals and progressives to continue the fight to get the word out about the truth and the reality of what conservatives have done that has led to the domestic and foreign mess that this nation faces in 2010 after the Bush years!

The Haiti Telethon And Fox News Channel

This evening, a telethon has been promoting Haiti relief–

Every tv network–ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, PBS– is televising this telethon without any commercial breaks, and showing solidarity for the people of Haiti.

That is, all the television networks, EXCEPT Fox News Channel! 🙁 Of course, one might say that regular Fox channels are showing the telethon, but that is not an excuse! 🙁

After all, NBC and MSNBC are both showing the telethon, so why could not Fox News Channel televise it along with the local Fox channels?

Is Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity really more important than the Haiti telethon? Should Fox News Channel be the ONLY cable station and news channel to boycott this event? Even HBO and Showtime are showing the telethon!

There is no justifiable reason for this, except that it just proves what anyone who is open minded truly knows already.

Fox News Channel has devoted less time and effort to this disaster, and seems to feel that Haiti is not worth losing commercial profits. The station and its two anchors tonight should be ashamed of themselves, but then again they know no shame with their constant barrage of propaganda, mis truths, and open lying. What a disgrace! 🙁

The Massachusetts Voter’s Mindset And The Election Of Scott Brown

A new poll commissioned by the Washington Post expresses the attitudes of Massachusetts voters, which led them to elect Scott Brown, the Republican nominee, to the US Senate vacancy created by the death of Ted Kennedy.

According to the poll, frustration with the direction of the government, dissatisfaction with the health care plan of the Obama Administration, and opposition to federal government activism motivated their vote in the special election.

This is very interesting, as it demonstrates just how confused and stressed so many people are these days, not only in Massachusetts but throughout the nation. We are in the midst of the greatest economic crisis since the 1930s, and millions of Americans are being badly hurt by loss of employment, homes, and most important of all, what all people need: a sense of security!

People were angry in 2008 at the Bush Administration and voted the GOP out of power in Congress even two years earlier than the repudiation of the Republican presidential candidate, John McCain. Now they are furious because Barack Obama has not had a magic potion to solve the myriad of problems that people face on a daily basis, so they struck out against the Democratic nominee and by implication, the Obama Administration.

In 2008, the American people wanted a movement toward regulation and government activism, but now they seem, by this state poll, to repudiate it!

But do the American people really want us to go back to the era of Bush, the GOP and sweetheart relations with big business and the banking industry and the corporate world?

Or is it rather that they may vote the Democrats out as the scapegoats, put the GOP back in, and then throw the rascals out again when they realize the Republicans have absolutely NO solution to the economic problems we face?

In other words, the American people seem to think Rome was built in a day, as the saying goes. They are unwilling to give any person or party a decent chance to resolve issues, and instead are like children who want what they want NOW, not later. There is no desire to accept delayed gratification.

And as far as Massachusetts disliking the health care plan, the explanation is clear. Due to Republican Governor Mitt Romney, Massachusetts in 2006 adopted a statewide health care plan which covers 98% of the people, more than any other state, so why should citizens of Massachusetts be enthused by a plan they do not need?

And unfortunately, the ultimate reality is that a vast majority of people cannot have empathy or concern for people they do not know, so the fact that 45 million or more Americans do not have health care does not concern them, because after all, they have health care, so who cares about others? Only if they actually know someone in that reality of lacking health care might they feel some concern, but then again, think of the money they are saving and then put the idea to bed and dismiss it from their mind.

Conclusion is that the sense of “We”, rather than “Me”, still dominates the American psyche, partly by human nature, but a lot of it by the promotion of “Me” since the advent of conservatism under Ronald Reagan in the 1980s. And also, finally, we are in for a long period of back and forth support of both political parties, as nothing that either party does or represents is bound, it seems, to keep public support for long. We are, indeed, in a deep period of crisis on a massive scale. The American spirit of optimism is GONE, for a long time, tragically! 🙁