Day: January 5, 2010

Fascinating Possibility: Former Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford Jr. Considering Senate Run In New York!

Former Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford, Jr., who lost a bitter Senate race in his home state in 2006, and then moved to NYC and became a commentator for MSNBC, is now considering a challenge of appointed Senator Kirsten Gillibrand in the upcoming election of 2010 to fill out the remainder of Hillary Clinton’s term.

This is a very interesting and fascinating possibility, as Gillibrand was never seen as an ideal choice by NY Governor David Paterson, and has only recently changed her conservative voting record as a Congresswoman, including the issues of gun rights and immigration.

Many prominent fundraisers are behind the possible move by Ford, who has stated that he will declare his intentions by mid February.

Ford is a very attractive, well spoken centrist, and the fact that he is African American and has had congressional experience behind him gives him a great opportunity to compete for the Senate seat.

The fact that he is a “carpetbagger” is no issue in New York, as he has lived in the city for three years now, and New York is famous for electing Hillary Clinton and Robert Kennedy, who had far less residence time in the state before running for the Senate.

Ford’s opposition to same sex marriage could be a problem for him in New York, and he would have to deal with the likely opposition of Senator Chuck Schumer, who has fully backed Kirsten Gillibrand from the beginning, even before she was officially picked by Governor Paterson.

On the other hand, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has not had good relations with Gillibrand and is seen as a close friend of Harold Ford, Jr., who is only 39.

Also of interest is that Ford, a few years ago, was thought of as a possible African American candidate for President in the future, before Barack Obama emerged as a leading candidate. The thought is, that had Ford won the Senate seat in 2006, he might have mounted a challenge for President in 2008, and therefore might have been a counterweight against Obama in that race, which would only further have muddied that unbelievable Presidential campaign!

Brit Hume’s Promotion Of Christianity For Tiger Woods Totally Inappropriate!

Fox News analyst Brit Hume said something totally inappropriate on the Fox News Channel show, “Fox News Sunday”, hosted by Chris Wallace, this past Sunday.

He suggested that Tiger Woods, the golfer involved in a major sex scandal, should switch his religion from his mother’s Buddhism to Christianity, as he would have the opportunity to confess his sins.

According to Mr. Hume, that would be a wonderful way to make his peace with God for his sins, and would be an inspiration to millions of people across the world.

It is none of Brit Hume’s business to be giving religious advice to any of those watching Fox News Sunday, to Tiger Woods, or to anyone else.

Television news shows are NOT the proper venue to promote one’s personal religious views. Nor is it the place to claim that one’s religion is somehow “superior” to any other.

If anything, it is Judaism, the religion that Jesus Christ never gave up in his lifetime, that should be recommended if one is thinking about atonement for sins, as Jews celebrate Yom Kippur, which is much more solemn than the weekly confession concept found in Christianity. But even that would not be appropriate to recommend on a television show, which is not specifically dedicated to religion.

Brit Hume’s religious beliefs are his personal business, and not proper to advertise or promote on a news show. He needs to apologize for inappropriate, insensitive behavior.

Better still, since he has officially retired, the best thing is to stop being a guest analyst, and go off and pray as much as he wishes in his chosen beliefs and leave us, the American people and Tiger Woods too, ALONE! 🙁

Barack Obama And Intellligence Gathering Discipline: Time For Unity And Bipartisan Support!

President Obama has made it clear that there was no lack of intelligence information regarding the Christmas Day bomber incident, but that the intelligence agencies had failed to “connect the dots”.

He declared that this cannot be allowed to occur again, and that the intelligence agencies MUST coordinate and work together, rather than continue the old game of fighting for their own turf and failing to share information they gain through various means.

Eight years after September 11, and with the creation of the Homeland Security Department in 2003, there is absolutely no excuse for politics around the issue of national security.

Obama has again asserted that the fight against terrorism is fully understood, and it is time for the Republican party to stop politicizing the issue, and therefore undermining the national commitment to cooperation, and making the fight against terrorism all the more difficult!

C-Span’s Brian Lamb And Transparency Of Health Care Conference Committee Meetings

It is absolutely correct and proper that C Span President Brian Lamb’s request for total transparency of all Senate-House Health Care Conference Committee meetings be met, by making them all available for C Span coverage.

The only way to demonstrate to the American people that there is no “conspiracy” of the Democrats to do anything illegal or unethical on health care is for such openness!

There will be no excuse for the Democratic leadership IF they refuse to follow through on this reasonable request. It will strengthen the case for change, as education and complete explanation of any reform bill is essential for its success!

North Dakota Senator Byron Dorgan Leaving: A Sad Moment! :(

North Dakota Democratic Senator Byron Dorgan may not have been a household name, but he has been an asset in the House and Senate for the past 30 years, and the announcement of his plan to retire is, therefore, a sad moment for those who believe in progressive change.

Never a seeker of fame or notoriety, Dorgan was one of the many political leaders who worked hard every day, dedicated to the causes he believed in, and often overlooked by the mainstream media, but making his contribution to change.

As head of the Indian Affairs Committee in the Senate, Dorgan has been a champion of health care reform for native Americans, and is one of their major supporters on other kinds of issues.

So therefore, his leaving creates a gap that hopefully another Democrat can fill, although there are no obvious candidates for the seat other than Congressman Earl Pomeroy, the state’s lone member of the House, who will likely have to fight the GOP governor John Hoeven, the country’s longest serving governor other than Texas governor Rick Perry. Pomeroy has been in the House since 1992 and is a full ten years younger than the retiring Dorgan.

Suddenly, this race is wide open, which would probably not have been if Dorgan has sought reelection. It will need a lot of watching by political pros trying to figure out the future balance of power in the US Senate.