Day: January 27, 2010

The Number One Priority For 2010: JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!

President Obama made clear tonight in his State of the Union Address that the number one priority for 2010 is Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

He called for a quick adoption of a jobs legislation program, and he well knows that if the job situation does not improve, it will affect his party and his own agenda, so the expectation is that he will be very aggressive in pursuit of economic growth.

He called on the Republican opposition to drop partisanship and join together in the creation of economic plans that will benefit not only those who gain employment, but the nation at large.

This is truly time to drop partisanship and do the right thing–back the President in the creation of economic opportunity that will lead us back to prosperity!

Hooray! Obama Defends And Promotes His Health Care Plan!

A high moment of tonight’s State of the Union Address was when President Obama made it clear he was not going to abandon the health care plan that has been subject to debate for nearly a year.

He said he was not promoting health care to win the point of a victory, but rather because of the necessity for the American people to have equal access to health care after so many years of advocacy of such a reform by various Presidents.

He came across as pleasant but aggressive in his pursuit of his goal, an absolutely appropriate reaction, which gives heart and optimism to those millions of Americans who have believed in this health care reform and were concerned that the President might abandon the legislation.

Obama showed he was a good guy but a fighting President for what he believed in, and this speech should restore the faith of millions of Americans in why they elected him the 44th President in 2008. He represented change and is not backing off on that one iota! Hooray!

Obama Calls For End Of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” In Military: Great Step Forward!

President Obama tonight finally followed through on his pledge to the gay community to move toward the abolition of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy in the military, which has forced the explusion of highly trained and talented people in the military because of their sexual preference.

It was good to see Defense Secretary Robert Gates applaud the President’s statement. The question is whether conservatives and Republicans will attempt to stop this reform by use of the filibuster tactic that is constantly threatened on so many issues, a tactic that Obama criticized in his State of the Union address.

Obama must work actively with both houses of Congress and make appeals to public opinion to counteract any attempt to foil his plan to do what many European countries have already done–open up military service to men and women despite their sexuality. Sexual preference has nothing to do with being a good soldier, and this step will help promote gay rights in other areas as well, a step long overdue!

Likely Turning Point For Republican Future This Weekend

A crucial moment in the Republican Party’s future takes place this weekend in Hawaii, where the Republican National Committee’s winter meeting is being convened.

A resolution to promote a “purity test”, a conservative litmus test, and require it of all Republican candidates for public office, will be coming up for review and possibhle adoption. It would require that every candidate adhere to at least eight of ten points of the document to gain GOP backing.

This, however, would eliminate moderate candidates who don’t wish to follow such a document obediently. The debate will develop within the national committee whether it is a good idea or a disastrous idea to mandate such a loyalty test.

It is clear to observers who understand the American political system that IF the conservative litmus test is adopted, the strong likelihood is that it will kill the chances of the GOP to gain independent backing and win back control of the Congress and state offices, as the country is a centrist nation that does not respond well to ideological purity tests!

Barack Obama Chides Republican Opposition In Senate On Filibuster Tactic

The first thing that stands out about Barack Obama’s State of the Union address tonight is his chiding of Senate Republicans on their refusal to cooperate, and instead working to prevent any action unless there are 60 votes, by constantly using or threatening the use of the filibuster.

The tactic of the filibuster has certainly been overused and too often threatened, and another practice has been one or two senators claiming, often without being identified, that action be held up on a nomination or a piece of legislation without being specific as to the reason. This legislative privilege has become an abuse that Obama declared must be stopped.

He joked and smiled as he chastised the Republicans, and of course they sat on their hands with glum looks on their faces. But Obama stated that the American people wanted cooperation between the political parties, not only in the Senate, but also in the House of Representatives, to do the country’s business. He said both parties have a responsibility to the people to move beyond petty differences and political one upsmanship.

Whether any change will come in this regard is doubtful, but at least the President took a stand, showing courage and conviction, but with a touch of humor designed to disarm critics. Certainly, he made a great impression in his approach to this issue, so let’s hope through some miracle it succeeds!