Hooray! Obama Defends And Promotes His Health Care Plan!

A high moment of tonight’s State of the Union Address was when President Obama made it clear he was not going to abandon the health care plan that has been subject to debate for nearly a year.

He said he was not promoting health care to win the point of a victory, but rather because of the necessity for the American people to have equal access to health care after so many years of advocacy of such a reform by various Presidents.

He came across as pleasant but aggressive in his pursuit of his goal, an absolutely appropriate reaction, which gives heart and optimism to those millions of Americans who have believed in this health care reform and were concerned that the President might abandon the legislation.

Obama showed he was a good guy but a fighting President for what he believed in, and this speech should restore the faith of millions of Americans in why they elected him the 44th President in 2008. He represented change and is not backing off on that one iota! Hooray!

2 comments on “Hooray! Obama Defends And Promotes His Health Care Plan!

  1. Bella January 28, 2010 2:13 pm

    I gathered that the only reason why people were afraid he might abandon the health care bill was because all these news stations were suggesting that he might, or that he should. People don’t pay enough attention to context, and unfortunately, the average American will take an opinion from CNN and consider it FACT, because news stations are supposed to be reputable sources of information. I almost wish they would stop allowing people to say their opinions on television at all, because I’m more interested in the real information, and I don’t care much for some nameless political commentator trying to shove their views down my throat.

  2. Hema Bhola January 28, 2010 3:29 pm

    I agree with you, but I was somewhat disappointed during the summer of 2009, the lack of vigor that the President had when it came to pushing the idea of healthcare reform. I think that it is best for President Obama to make the need of healthcare reform, not just a domestic issue, but also an economic issue, because many who do not have healthcare, are subject to file for bankruptcy as a result of medical expenses.

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