The Demise Of Air America Radio: A Tragic Loss

The sad news has emerged that Air America Radio, the liberal-progressive attempt to compete with conservative talk radio, has gone bankrupt and will go off the air next Monday after five years of trying to become an alternative political choice on radio.

Various liberals attempted to draw a large audience, including Minnesota Senator Al Franken, Ed Schultz, Randy Rhodes, and Stephanie Miller, but it failed to click.

Conservatives will cheer this news, but it is a loss when an electronic media source, as much as a print media source, fails.

The American people are the loser when a form of media is so dominated by one side of the political spectrum, so it behooves liberals and progressives to continue the fight to get the word out about the truth and the reality of what conservatives have done that has led to the domestic and foreign mess that this nation faces in 2010 after the Bush years!

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