2010 Census

The 2010 Census And Michele Bachmann

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann of Minnesota was railing against the 2010 Census last August as possibly a conspiracy to gain personal information about families that might be used against them. She was advising families in her district to avoid answering any questions other than how many people lived in their residences. She seemed to have been unaware that the census every ten years is provided for in the Constitution, and was therefore set up by the Founding Fathers, and that compliance with the census forms is a legal requirement of all Americans, in order to provide for the best services to the American people for the decade ahead.

This crazy, loony conspiracy theory only added to Bachmann’s image of being a loose cannon, attractive to the Freedom Works/Tea Party people, but no one with any common sense or normal psychological behavior.

But interestingly, Bachmann has been very quiet about this issue lately, as it became evident that Minnesota might lose a congressional seat, and based on what happens in the 2010 state elections, it could very well be that her seat might be affected by reapportionment, and she might be the unfortunate one to loser her seat in 2012, if not by her own crazy antics in 2010.

Those who want to see Bachmann eliminated from Congress should support her Democratic opponent, and hope that if that does not work, that the state legislature sets up district lines that will do the job of silencing this embarrassment to the Republican party and the state of Minnesota!