Wise Men Expressing Doubts About Afghanistan

As the Afghanistan debate rages, wise men are expressing doubt about further commitment of troops to that war.

Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, the 2004 Democratic nominee for President, and the Chairman now of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has warned against going down the same road we did in Vietnam.

Former Defense Secretary William Cohen, who served under Bill Clinton in his second term, and was earlier a Republican senator and congressman from Maine, also has demonstrated his doubts of the wisdom of commitment of more troops in a war where we have no faith in the leader of that nation, President Karzai.

These men may soon be joined by Al Gore, former Vice President and 2000 Democratic nominee for President, who will be expressing his views on Larry King Live on Thursday evening. It will be interesting to hear what his advice is, and I would be very suprised if he endorsed commitment of more troops to the Afghan War.

The distinguished citizens who are speaking out against this escalation include many Democratic senators and representatives not specifically mentioned here, and it is important that President Obama listen to this advice, and not just to the generals and cabinet members who advocate escalation.

This may be the most important decision the President will make during his time in office, and we have to hope he makes the proper decision!