Neanderthal Women In Republican Party Leadership

What is it with the GOP women in positions of party leadership? Where did the Republican Party find these Neanderthals?

First we had Sarah Palin and then we had Michelle Bachmann, and now we have Virginia Foxx of North Carolina, who says that the health care bill is more scary than any terrorist in America could be.

IF this is not scary, loony rhetoric worthy of condemnation, that what is? And yet, Republican Minority Leader John Boehner says that every member of his caucus is entitled to their own opinion!

It was obvious that Boehner was uncomfortable in saying that, as more than ever, there are things being said by Republicans in Congress that labels them as nut cakes and whackos.

Somehow, though, if it is a woman member who is saying these loony comments, it is even more embarrassing. Why cannot the Republican party find women that come across as civilized, reasonable, compassionate human beings? Often, the men are actually more reasonable and sensible than the women, who seem to come from cave days or outer space! 🙂