Wealthy People

The Need For Wealthy, Powerful People To Be Held Accountable In Our Justice System

The conviction of Bill Cosby today on sexual abuse charges should be the tip of the iceberg.

We are living in a time where famous and wealthy people, mostly men, are abusing their power and influence in innumerable ways.

Whether in the Hollywood community, the sports community, the business community, the politics and government community, or any other situation, it is time for the indictment, trial, conviction, and incarceration of anyone who is abusing his or her position to take advantage of women, children, minorities, immigrants, workers, consumers or any other category of person mistreated in a violent or abusive manner!

We need the law to stop favoring the rich and the powerful, and to set good moral and ethical examples, and no matter how high a station, prosecution should be possible.

This includes our President, Donald Trump, who has abused his authority, in his love life, his business life, his refusal to release his financial history, as it would show the truth about his Russian Collusion and his lies about his wealth; and his abuses of power every day, that should lead to his facing justice as much as anyone else.

Fortunately, the New York State violations of the Trump family cannot be resolved in their favor for Trump or anyone else, and they will ultimately face the music! Presidential pardoning would not be in play for state violations, and that is driving Donald Trump mad!

Trump Tax Cuts Already Undermining Budget, And Threatening Social Safety Net Of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid

The Trump tax cuts are already, just as they are going into effect, causing a massive shortage of government funds, and threatening the stability of the Social Safety Net of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, and as well as educational, environmental, consumer, and labor laws.

This is precisely what the Republican Party of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and the Trump White House wants, to destroy the entire social and economic reforms and regulatory laws of the New Deal of Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Great Society of the Lyndon B. Johnson, and the reforms of Barack Obama, along with lesser reforms of Harry Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

The Republican Party is now an extremist right wing party controlled by the Freedom Caucus and evangelical Christians, who will not be satisfied until they take America back to the 1920s and the Gilded Age.

And this past week, the beginning of the end of what is now 88 months of economic expansion and job growth is evident, as today, the stock market collapsed with a 670 point drop, and a 1,000 point drop over this entire week. This is the biggest drop in two years, about 2.5 percent in the past week. It is also the biggest drop since the financial crisis of late 2008, which led to the Great Recession.

This was predictable, as no market or economic growth can continue to expand forever and already, the seven years and four months of expansion, since the last months of 2010, is an all time record.

We will go through very rough times from now on, and yet the wealthy top one or two percent will continue to gain massive tax cuts, while the rest of America suffers.

We are on the road to potential social uprising, as the American people realize that a President who lost the popular vote, and has engaged in illegal acts, works to undermine the investigation of Russian collusion, money laundering, abuse of power, violating the emoluments clause, and obstruction of justice, at the expense of the American people, but makes sure his class of wealthy people continues to benefit.

The Trump public opinion rating in the mid 30s is likely to collapse into the 20s at this rate, but will the Republican Party try to rectify itself in Congress, or will they continue to collaborate in treason and corruption, and destroy their historical legacy long term?

We shall see in the months leading up to a likely massacre in the midterm elections this November.

The Distortion Of Jesus Christ By Right Wing Republicans And Their Allies

Jesus Christ, who was Jewish and never a Christian, preached love, tolerance, understanding, open mindedness, and other good thoughts, and offered himself as a way to unify mankind in the Middle East.

If he were here in the world today, and in America, he would be shocked at what many Republicans, conservatives, and right wing religious leaders have done to distort his loving message of unity.

We could call what has happened as making Jesus a Republican with all of the views that party now has in 2013!

These include the following, in the view of Right Wing Republicans and their allies, but NOT, of course, the truth, but rather propaganda!

Jesus is white and is certainly not color blind.

Jesus is a big supporter of the Confederacy, and can justify the past existence of slavery and racial segregation as factors which had a purpose to “organize” society.

Jesus loves guns, and they are to be owned to protect against evil forces out to undermine the faith.

Jesus loves the rich, the wealthy, and the top two percent, who are “achievers”.

Jesus hates poor people, who deserve what they get, the denial of food stamps, a safety net, and Medicaid.

Jesus hates gay people, and therefore created AIDS and STDs to punish those sinners.

Jesus believes that women are to be controlled by men, and denied control over their own destiny, and treated as subservient to the demands of men.

Jesus hates Muslims, who are all “evil”, and deserve to be killed in mass numbers as “nonbelievers”.

Jesus hates liberals and progressives, who are connected to the devil, and there is to be no compromise with them, and that also includes conservatives who say they are “moderates’.

Jesus hates science, because it challenges the beliefs of religion.

This is the mindset of right wing Republicans, and a danger to the future of America if it ever gained control of all branches of government. NONE of the above is the truth about Jesus!

As it is, the control of the House of Representatives, and many state governments and Governors, has led to the greatest division since the Civil War!

There is a need for devout Christians who understand the loving message of their savior to reclaim him from the hate mongers!

The author wishes to thank the website ADDICTINGINFO.ORG and Sherri Yarbrough for the ideas that led to this blog entry!

Victims Of Aurora, Colorado Massacre Also Unable To Afford Life Insurance Or Health Care Coverage In Many Cases, So Victimized In A Different Way!

Twelve people died in Aurora, Colorado, due to the insanity of James Holmes.

It is certain that many did not have life insurance, being young and not concerned about such things, and also unable to afford it, and now their funerals are a financial burden on their families.

Also, 58 people were wounded, many seriously, and it is certain that very few had health care coverage, so for those with severe wounds and lifetime disabilities, they will face a medical bill for life of millions of dollars, not able to be paid by them as things stand, but ruining their credit for life!

We have millions of Americans who mourn what happened in Colorado, but will we see the wealthiest among us volunteer, including Mitt Romney, to contribute to the health care costs and funeral costs of the victims?

The answer is most certainly NO, as those who are fortunate among us have no concern for anything but their mounting wealth, and to avoid taxes!

Why should they contribute to help the needy, when the Republican philosophy is to have no concern for those less fortunate?

This is the biggest scandal of all about this tragedy, and is another argument for the idea that ALL Americans should be entitled to health care, no matter what the cost, as health care should be an entitlement, not a privilege, for all!

How The Wealthy Stay Wealthy: Default On Mortgages Without Guilt! :(

The news has emerged that wealthy people are defaulting on their mortgages at a faster rate than average Americans, proving that the condemnation of people for taking on mortgages they can ill afford has been improperly exaggerated!

Conservatives love to blame poor people and middle class people for irresponsibility, when the indications are that it is rich people who are exploiting the system of mortgages, and greatly contributing to the rapidly growing housing market crisis!

More than one in seven home owners with a mortgage over one million dollars has defaulted, while the rate for those with lower mortgages is one out of twelve!

These wealthy people are ruthless, and have no conscience, as the burden on the economy can be borne by the average person, in their mind! These people have no shame and do not care about the effect their actions have on their communities!

Consider the fact that wealthy people in this country, the top one percent, have 17 percent of all assets and income in this country AFTER payment of all taxes! Is this not an indication of the maldistribution of wealth, and shows how these people have no patriotism or civic concern, as long as they can hoard their money and pass on their massive assets to offspring who will never learn what it is like to face the problems of everyday average people? 🙁