How The Wealthy Stay Wealthy: Default On Mortgages Without Guilt! :(

The news has emerged that wealthy people are defaulting on their mortgages at a faster rate than average Americans, proving that the condemnation of people for taking on mortgages they can ill afford has been improperly exaggerated!

Conservatives love to blame poor people and middle class people for irresponsibility, when the indications are that it is rich people who are exploiting the system of mortgages, and greatly contributing to the rapidly growing housing market crisis!

More than one in seven home owners with a mortgage over one million dollars has defaulted, while the rate for those with lower mortgages is one out of twelve!

These wealthy people are ruthless, and have no conscience, as the burden on the economy can be borne by the average person, in their mind! These people have no shame and do not care about the effect their actions have on their communities!

Consider the fact that wealthy people in this country, the top one percent, have 17 percent of all assets and income in this country AFTER payment of all taxes! Is this not an indication of the maldistribution of wealth, and shows how these people have no patriotism or civic concern, as long as they can hoard their money and pass on their massive assets to offspring who will never learn what it is like to face the problems of everyday average people? 🙁

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