Day: July 20, 2010

Barack Obama 18 Months Into His Term As President: Hitting A Rough Patch!

Today marks 18 months into President Barack Obama’s term as President, and it is clear that he has hit a “rough patch”, the low moment of his term, based on public opinion polls!

Obama detractors are rejoicing, and Obama supporters are concerned, but one needs to have perspective, and if one does, this is not a danger sign that the President is failing!

It is common at this point of a Presidential term to have him in “trouble”, as there is disillusionment by some supporters who expected too much, and anger by many promoted by incessant propaganda by the opponents! No matter who is in the White House, there will be problems that have not been resolved, including those that arose since the term began!

A President is not a miracle worker, and cannot solve all problems, short term or long term! The effects he has had after 18 months are often not appreciated until time passes, and careful reflection takes place!

This President has faced more extreme opposition than most, much of it unfair and unjustified, but he, actually, has a lot to be proud of, despite those who think he has not been a success! He has accomplished more in 18 months than all Presidents except Woodrow Wilson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Lyndon B. Johnson! Much of it will not be fully realized for years, and the impatience of the American people is legion!

As has been said by Obama himself, the economic mess we are in took years to arise, and cannot be solved in a few months, but there are signs of economic progress!

Obama will have a long range effect on our country, only matched by a few, including those mentioned above, and Ronald Reagan and Theodore Roosevelt!

His detractors will continue to attack, but in the long run of history, they will be seen as negative demagogues, and he will be remembered for making the lives of Americans much better than they were when he came into office!

So, the grade I would give Barack Obama is the same as it has been–a B PLUS in accomplishment, and an A for effort!