Day: July 19, 2010

George H. W. Bush, “Voodoo Economics”, And Republican Economics In 2010!

The Republican Party is famous, or rather infamous, for creating a vast majority of the national debt, and yet they keep on acting as if the Democratic Party are the villains in this regard!

George H. W. Bush, competing for the GOP Presidential nomination in 1980, attacked candidate Ronald Reagan’s claim that tax cuts would NOT cause an increase in the national debt! Bush called it “voodoo economics”! Of course, that is exactly what happened under Reagan, with a tripling of the national debt from one to three trillion dollars!

The first President Bush was more cautious on tax cuts, and actually increased taxes and was bitterly criticized by conservatives, which helped to cause his defeat in 1992!

His son, George W. Bush, managed to almost double the national debt from 5 to 10 trillion dollars, meaning just Reagan and the second Bush created nearly a 7 trillion dollar increase in the debt, much of it because of Reaganomics and Bushonomics, meaning tax cuts for the wealthy who had no need for it, as many themselves would admit!

Meanwhile, the national debt went up much more slowly under Jimmy Carter, often considered stingy in his desire to cut government spending and avoid major tax cuts! Under Bill Clinton, there was also a rise in taxes on the wealthy, and a more careful handling of the budget so as to add far less debt!

So under the first Bush, Carter and Clinton, only about 2 trillion dollars was added to the national debt, which was one trillion when Carter left office!

So the two Democratic Presidents were better at managing the national budget and avoiding major debt growth, while the two Republican Presidents added most of it, and father Bush added more than Carter and Clinton, but also kept the idea of “voodoo economics” in mind during his Presidency!

But now, in the midst of propaganda that giving the unemployed extra months of compensation in the worst economic climate since the 1930s will bust the budget and add to the debt, leading conservatives in the GOP argue that major tax cuts must continue to the wealthy!

Are these Republicans living in the real world, or are they just so lacking in concern about what they claim to be a major problem only when it affects average Americans? 🙁

Is this country to be run for the top two or three percent, or for the American people at large? 🙁

This is what Americans must consider as they go and vote this November in the midterm elections! Will they vote out of ignorance and fear, and allow name calling to determine their decision; or out of reality, common sense, and realization that they are being fed propaganda to manipulate them?

The future of this country, and getting out of this economic mess we call the Great Recession, is up for grabs, a terrifying scenario! 🙁

Alvin Greene’s Debut Speech: Not A Great Start!

Alvin Greene, the South Carolina Democratic Senate nominee against Senator Jim DeMint, is a true “unknown” quantity, having shocked everyone by defeating a white state legislator, despite have no campaign appearances, no funding, no platform of ideas, and no media coverage! Many have wondered if he was part of a Republican plot to undermine the Democrats, and have questioned how this unemployed person was able to pay the filing fee to run! It has also been pointed out that he faces trial on a pornography charge!

But so far, he has been cleared in every sense except the upcoming trial, and yesterday, he made his first public appearance at a local NAACP event in his home town, and delivered what he claimed would be a 20 minute speech, but ended up being only 7 minutes!

Greene repeated himself many times in his speech, which was handwritten, and referred indirectly to his own legal problems! He had nothing substantive to say, and it would be stretching things to say that he made a good impression! He also would not take any questions from the news media, and the one time he has granted an interview, he had long pauses before answering, sometimes as much as five minutes!

To believe that he has a chance to defeat DeMint is to believe in the tooth fairy and Santa Claus! The question remains whether he will debate DeMint, hold news conferences, make many campaign appearances, and have a campaign staff!

So far, there are no indications on these matters, and it seems likely that DeMint will win by a bigger margin than any Senate candidate running, and that Alvin Greene will turn out to be an embarrassing disaster for the Democratic Party! 🙁

The “Royal Families” Rumor Mill: The Bushes And The Clintons!

Many observers have stated that, in a sense, we have two “royal families” in our midst–the Bushes and the Clintons!

Years ago, it was thought that the Kennedys were a “royal family”, with John F. Kennedy in the White House, Robert Kennedy as Attorney General, and Ted Kennedy in the US Senate!

But then President Kennedy was murdered; Robert Kennedy, after being elected to the Senate and running for President, was also assassinated; and Ted Kennedy “self destructed” as far as the Presidency was concerned, as a result of the Chappaquiddick tragedy, although he served a long, distinguished career in the Senate!

But the Bush Family saw George H. W. Bush serve one term as President, and son George W. serve two terms in the White House!

The Clinton Family saw Bill Clinton serve two terms as President, and wife Hillary seek the position as the first serious woman candidate in 2008, and then end up as Secretary of State under her rival, Barack Obama!

The rumor mill now has it that Jeb Bush, former Governor of Florida, brother of George W., and younger son of George H. W., will seek the White House in 2012 to reassert the Bush reputation and please his parents, in their high 80s but hoping to live to see a second son become President of the United States! This rumor, the author would say, is quite valid and more expected now than even a few months ago, as the Presidential nomination season comes closer to its start after the midterm elections!

Meanwhile, Bill Clinton has been restoring his reputation as a political “genius”, the most active former President ever to get involved in electing others of his party! The former President has become “gold” to candidates, most notably home state Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln, who received tremendous campaign support from Clinton in her winning primary challenge! Bill Clinton is actively pursuing helping others as well, and sometimes in various primaries, has endorsed someone other than who the Obama Administration supports! If the Democrats retain much of their margin in Congress and the state governorships, Bill Clinton will gain a lot of the credit!

But there are still rumors that the Clintons and Obama do not like each other very much, despite the fact that Hillary Clinton has been a loyal, hard working Secretary of State for the President.   So rumors have it that Obama may not run, and Hillary will run in his place for the Presidency in 2012; or that Hillary will switch positions with Joe Biden, and become the Vice Presidential running! mate for 2012, giving her an edge for the 2016 Presidential nomination; or that Bill and Hillary will repudiate Obama after expected disastrous midterm election results, and that Hillary will resign from the cabinet, and challenge Obama in the 2012 Presidential primaries!

It seems to the author that the first rumor, that Obama will not run, is highly unlikely, although Obama did say once he would rather be a good one term President than a mediocre two term President!

The second rumor seems more possible, that Hillary and Biden might switch roles for the 2012 election, putting Biden in a position that he certainly fits into very well!

The third rumor is preposterous on its face, as Presidents regularly see repudiation in midterm elections, and still come back to win another term handily, as did Harry Truman in 1948, Ronald Reagan in 1984, and Bill Clinton in 1996! Since Hillary agrees with most of what Obama has tried to do, for her to challenge him would only weaken the Democratic Party, divide it, and lead to a GOP victory for the White House in 2012!

Remember that every time in the last century that a sitting President has been challenged for renomination, he has overcome the opponent, but then lost reelection–William Howard Taft vs. Theodore Roosevelt in 1912; Gerald Ford vs. Ronald Reagan in 1976; Jimmy Carter vs Ted Kennedy in 1980; and George H. W. Bush vs Pat Buchanan in 1992!

So likely, the Bush rumor is true, and the second Clinton rumor might be true, while the first Clinton rumor is highly unlikely, and the last Clinton rumor is extremely preposterous on its face!