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Doug Wead, Jonathan Turley, Alan Dershowitz–Three Rare Academics Who Support Donald Trump

As the impeachment of Donald Trump moves forward, there are those academics who support Donald Trump, but very few indeed.

Historian Doug Wead, who has no actual college degree, attending a Bible College, and gaining an honorary degree from Oral Roberts University, became noted for his books on Presidential children and on Presidential parents. He has become the official biographer of the Trump Presidency, and is just out with a new book on Trump. But he has been repudiated and denounced by many conservatives, and even some evangelicals, and was criticized for lack of ethics by the Bush family, and denounced when he ran for a Congressional seat in Arizona, by former Senator Barry Goldwater in 1992.

Law professor Jonathan Turley of George Washington University testified recently as the only law professor of four, who felt the impeachment against Donald Trump was faulty. At the same time, he had supported the impeachment of Bill Clinton a generation ago. He is called by many a liberal on many issues, but many conservatives have embraced him, and he has been totally contradictory on just about every imaginable issue in the past thirty years.

Law Professor Alan Dershowitz of Harvard Law School has been highly controversial with his constant support of Donald Trump, and his own scandalous words and actions on many legal matters, including his past defense of O J Simpson, and his support of Donald Trump in the impeachment crisis the President now faces. There are rumors he might be added to the defense team for the upcoming impeachment trial.

Meanwhile, over 500 law professors around the nation have called for Donald Trump’s impeachment and removal from office, and a list of hundreds of historians is also in the works on this, including this author and blogger.

Among the famous historians advocating impeachment and removal from office are:

Doris Kearns Goodwin

David McCullough

Douglas Brinkley

Jon Meacham

Michael Beschloss

Later today, the House Judiciary Committee will formally impeach the President, becoming the fourth time in American history that this has happened.

Crazy Dream Of Many Republicans Who Initially Rejected Trump–That He Will Magically Transform From His Sins–He Won’t!

It is amazing how many Republicans in office have caved in to Fascist Donald Trump’s candidacy, but it demonstrates their total delusional nature, that they think that he will magically transform from the sinner he is to a rational, mainstream human being.

By signing on with Trump, the Republicans in the US Senate will be massacred this fall, and we will see a massive repudation of Republican philosophy.

At the same time, intelligent conservatives at the National Review and The Weekly Standard are still holding back, as are the Bush Family and Mitt Romney and Christie Todd Whitman (former New Jersey Governor), and a small group of others who identify as Republicans.

But the Republican Party, which survived the disaster of 1912 with William Howard Taft challenged by Theodore Roosevelt; and 1964 with Barry Goldwater challenged by Nelson Rockefeller, William Scranton, George Romney and others; is no longer, as principle no longer matters for most Republicans and some conservatives.

So this is a transformative election that will go down in history!

George H. W. Bush On His 91st Birthday!

George H. W. Bush, the 41st President, celebrates today his 91st birthday.

Often ignored since he left office, other than his two sons’ electoral victories as Governors of Texas and Florida; George W. Bush’s Presidency; and Jeb Bush’s nascent campaign for President, to be announced on June 15; the elder Bush looks so much better than his two sons at this point of history.

Bush followed Ronald Reagan and preceded Bill Clinton, two men of great oratorical ability and charismatic presence. Both of them are rated higher in Presidential polls of experts and scholars.

However, a new public opinion poll, rating popularity of former living Presidents, places the elder Bush and Bill Clinton in a statistical tie at 64 percent popularity, an amazing fact when one considers that the elder Bush lost reelection to Bill Clinton in 1992, with the second worst defeat of a sitting President for reelection in American history, only surpassing William Howard Taft in the 1912 election.

But as a former President ages, popularity rising is not unusual, and particularly after a President dies, as with Harry Truman.

More books are being published on George H. W. Bush in the last couple of years, and the volume of publication will continue to grow, as history looks kinder on the elder Bush.

We have had more than 22 years pass since his Presidency, and the elder Bush is remembered for:

Winning the Persian Gulf War against Saddam Hussein, and leading the United Nations coalition brilliantly.

Promoting the reunification of Germany, despite many people’s fears that Germany would become a threat to European stability.

Bringing about a dignified end to the Cold War in 1991, by dealing with the falling Mikhail Gorbachev, and his successor Boris Yeltsin in a way that promoted calm in the world.

Advocating a civil rights law for the disabled and handicapped, the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Demonstrating courage in promoting a tax increase after pledging not to raise taxes, as the national and international situation in 1990 required such action.

If Pat Buchanan had not opposed the elder Bush in the Republican primaries in 1992; and if Ross Perot had not run so strongly as an Independent candidate in the Presidential Election of 1992, winning 19 percent of the vote, the elder Bush would have won a second term, and we would not have had Bill or Hillary Clinton as important figures in American history and politics.

So at least, on his 91st Birthday, the elder Bush can feel happy that he has survived long enough to see his popularity soar to 64 percent; to see one son serve as President for eight years, and another son about to try to set a record of three members of the same family serve in the White House.

Imagine if Jeb Bush, somehow, were to become President in 2017. and the elder Bush were to survive another nineteen plus months, and former First Lady Barbara Bush, who just became 90 on June 8, were also to survive!

They would witness two sons becoming President of the United States, surpassing John Adams, who only saw one son, John Quincy Adams, make it to the White House.

Even if one does not like or admire the Bush Family, that would be some magnificent achievement, which would have to be celebrated!

Bush Family History: 1980-2016 And Beyond!

When one examines the Bush Family, a true dynasty if there ever was one, it is clear that it follows a definite pattern.

In 1980, George H. W. Bush sought the Presidency, but lost the nomination to Ronald Reagan, and agreed to be his running mate and Vice President for the next eight years.

In 1988, Bush ran for and won the Presidency, but then lost it in a three candidate race in 1992 to Bill Clinton, with Ross Perot helping to defeat Bush, due to his 19 percent of the popular vote.

In 2000, eight years after George H. W. Bush left the Presidency, George W. Bush sought and won the Presidency for two terms.

In 2016, eight years after George W. Bush served as President, Jeb Bush is now running for President.

Let’s imagine that Jeb Bush wins the Presidency and serves two terms.

Waiting in the wings is his son George P. Bush, Land Commissioner in Texas, at age 38. It is conceivable that George P. Bush could seek the Presidency after seeking a Senate seat or the Governorship race in the future in Texas, and could, at age 48 in 2024, or age 56 in 2032, eight years after his dad would finish his two terms, seek the Presidency himself!

And Bush Senior was 62; George W. was 54; Jeb would be 63; and George P. at 56 would all fit a definite pattern of being in the normal range for Presidential ages!

2012 Presidential Election: Possibly Another Bush, And Even A Clinton?

Speculation is rampant that former Florida Governor Jeb Bush might indeed agree to run for Vice President with Mitt Romney.

After denying it for so long, Jeb now has left the door open, but makes clear he would rather not be on the ticket.

It is interesting how Florida Senator Marco Rubio promotes Jeb, and Jeb keeps on promoting Rubio for Vice President.

Would Jeb Bush help Romney in the Fall campaign? Both yes and no!

Obviously, Jeb is very intelligent, a good speaker, and a mainline conservative, who is not reckless, and does not make loony statements about issues. He is married to an Hispanic (Mexican) woman, is seen by many as a successful Governor of Florida, and in theory, could help to deliver that state to Romney in the fall. He is seen as a potential candidate for President in 2016, and even being on a losing ticket, he probably would gain stature for such a race by coming to the aid of Romney and the party now.

On the other hand, the question is whether there is a desire for a third Bush on a national ticket, particularly with the controversies over his brother, George W. Bush, and his eight years in office. There is believed to be an exhaustion with things Bush at this point of time. And imagine the idea of having a Bush on the national ticket every election since 1980 except 1996 and 2008, six of the last eight Presidential elections! Those who dislike the Bushes, particularly, George W. Bush, might not be willing to vote for Mitt Romney with Jeb Bush on the ticket.

And then, there are still the rumors flying that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton might agree to run for Vice President, in place of Joe Biden, in order to add strength to Barack Obama’s campaign. She laughs it off, and says it will not happen, but if Obama were to ask her, could she really say no?

So imagine an election with a Bush AND a Clinton on the national tickets, which would mark one or both names on the national scene every election since 1980, except 2008, and only not in 2008 because Hillary Clinton lost the nomination to Barack Obama.

There could very well be exhaustion and disgust at the thought of what might be seen as two “royal” dynasties in America, the Bushes and the Clintons!

The “Royal Families” Rumor Mill: The Bushes And The Clintons!

Many observers have stated that, in a sense, we have two “royal families” in our midst–the Bushes and the Clintons!

Years ago, it was thought that the Kennedys were a “royal family”, with John F. Kennedy in the White House, Robert Kennedy as Attorney General, and Ted Kennedy in the US Senate!

But then President Kennedy was murdered; Robert Kennedy, after being elected to the Senate and running for President, was also assassinated; and Ted Kennedy “self destructed” as far as the Presidency was concerned, as a result of the Chappaquiddick tragedy, although he served a long, distinguished career in the Senate!

But the Bush Family saw George H. W. Bush serve one term as President, and son George W. serve two terms in the White House!

The Clinton Family saw Bill Clinton serve two terms as President, and wife Hillary seek the position as the first serious woman candidate in 2008, and then end up as Secretary of State under her rival, Barack Obama!

The rumor mill now has it that Jeb Bush, former Governor of Florida, brother of George W., and younger son of George H. W., will seek the White House in 2012 to reassert the Bush reputation and please his parents, in their high 80s but hoping to live to see a second son become President of the United States! This rumor, the author would say, is quite valid and more expected now than even a few months ago, as the Presidential nomination season comes closer to its start after the midterm elections!

Meanwhile, Bill Clinton has been restoring his reputation as a political “genius”, the most active former President ever to get involved in electing others of his party! The former President has become “gold” to candidates, most notably home state Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln, who received tremendous campaign support from Clinton in her winning primary challenge! Bill Clinton is actively pursuing helping others as well, and sometimes in various primaries, has endorsed someone other than who the Obama Administration supports! If the Democrats retain much of their margin in Congress and the state governorships, Bill Clinton will gain a lot of the credit!

But there are still rumors that the Clintons and Obama do not like each other very much, despite the fact that Hillary Clinton has been a loyal, hard working Secretary of State for the President.   So rumors have it that Obama may not run, and Hillary will run in his place for the Presidency in 2012; or that Hillary will switch positions with Joe Biden, and become the Vice Presidential running! mate for 2012, giving her an edge for the 2016 Presidential nomination; or that Bill and Hillary will repudiate Obama after expected disastrous midterm election results, and that Hillary will resign from the cabinet, and challenge Obama in the 2012 Presidential primaries!

It seems to the author that the first rumor, that Obama will not run, is highly unlikely, although Obama did say once he would rather be a good one term President than a mediocre two term President!

The second rumor seems more possible, that Hillary and Biden might switch roles for the 2012 election, putting Biden in a position that he certainly fits into very well!

The third rumor is preposterous on its face, as Presidents regularly see repudiation in midterm elections, and still come back to win another term handily, as did Harry Truman in 1948, Ronald Reagan in 1984, and Bill Clinton in 1996! Since Hillary agrees with most of what Obama has tried to do, for her to challenge him would only weaken the Democratic Party, divide it, and lead to a GOP victory for the White House in 2012!

Remember that every time in the last century that a sitting President has been challenged for renomination, he has overcome the opponent, but then lost reelection–William Howard Taft vs. Theodore Roosevelt in 1912; Gerald Ford vs. Ronald Reagan in 1976; Jimmy Carter vs Ted Kennedy in 1980; and George H. W. Bush vs Pat Buchanan in 1992!

So likely, the Bush rumor is true, and the second Clinton rumor might be true, while the first Clinton rumor is highly unlikely, and the last Clinton rumor is extremely preposterous on its face!

Jeb Bush: Is He Going To Run For President To Vindicate His Family?

We are on the road to the Presidential nomination season, which will begin officially right after midterm elections are decided in November!

There are many Republicans considering a possible run for the nomination, but the most intriguing is former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who left office four years ago and refused to run for Governor or Senator in 2010, which some wondered if he might!

Jeb has been very quiet for a long time, but lately he has been agreeing to comment on events and issues, and he seems upset that his brother has been, in his mind, so mistreated by the Obama Administration, which in his way of thinking, still is blaming his brother for the troubles they face, rather than taking responsibility!

It seems to many that Jeb may feel a need to run to vindicate his brother and his dad, but it also seems to many that his name is his biggest barrier to a candidacy!

Is the country really ready, in the midst of the Great Recession, and still involved in both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that his brother began, to accept a THIRD Bush Presidency?

Would a Jeb Bush Presidency be that different than that of his father and brother? Would a lot of the same people who backed the two earlier Bushes rally around a Jeb candidacy?

Ultimately, would Jeb Bush offer a different path for the Republican party, many of whom have repudiated his brother as a phony conservative, who did great damage to the party, possibly long term?

No one questions that Jeb is very intelligent and highly motivated, much more than his brother, but is it too much to ask the party and the country to accept a dynasty of the Bushes, which could add years 13-20 to the history of the Bush Family in the White House?

The coming months will show us what will happen regarding this intriguing concept of another Bush Presidency!