Day: July 3, 2010

Jeb Bush: Is He Going To Run For President To Vindicate His Family?

We are on the road to the Presidential nomination season, which will begin officially right after midterm elections are decided in November!

There are many Republicans considering a possible run for the nomination, but the most intriguing is former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who left office four years ago and refused to run for Governor or Senator in 2010, which some wondered if he might!

Jeb has been very quiet for a long time, but lately he has been agreeing to comment on events and issues, and he seems upset that his brother has been, in his mind, so mistreated by the Obama Administration, which in his way of thinking, still is blaming his brother for the troubles they face, rather than taking responsibility!

It seems to many that Jeb may feel a need to run to vindicate his brother and his dad, but it also seems to many that his name is his biggest barrier to a candidacy!

Is the country really ready, in the midst of the Great Recession, and still involved in both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that his brother began, to accept a THIRD Bush Presidency?

Would a Jeb Bush Presidency be that different than that of his father and brother? Would a lot of the same people who backed the two earlier Bushes rally around a Jeb candidacy?

Ultimately, would Jeb Bush offer a different path for the Republican party, many of whom have repudiated his brother as a phony conservative, who did great damage to the party, possibly long term?

No one questions that Jeb is very intelligent and highly motivated, much more than his brother, but is it too much to ask the party and the country to accept a dynasty of the Bushes, which could add years 13-20 to the history of the Bush Family in the White House?

The coming months will show us what will happen regarding this intriguing concept of another Bush Presidency!

Imagining Speaker Of The House John Boehner: Not A Pleasant Thought! :(

Congressman John Boehner of Ohio, the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, has served in Congress for twenty years. He is the Speaker in waiting, meaning if his party wins 39 or more seats beyond what they have now, then he will become Speaker of the House for the 112th Congress in 2011-2012!

The question that arises is what kind of Speaker he would be if the GOP did indeed gain 39 or more seats and have a majority!

Would John Boehner be any less partisan than Nancy Pelosi, Denny Hastert, or Newt Gingrich before him? Based on observations of others and the record of how he has conducted himself in opposition during the 18 months of the Obama Administration, the answer is NO!

Would he accomplish positive change for the nation, including cutting spending and promoting movement toward a balanced budget? Based on the GOP experience for the twelve years (1994-2006) that they controlled the House, the answer is NO!

The reality is that Boehner’s intention is to repeal the Health Care Reform law, and cut back ruthlessly on the entitlements brought about by the New Deal and the Great Society! It is no secret that the aim of the GOP leadership is to be negative, and begin the attack on the Democrats and President Obama, in order to get ready for a full scale assault in the Presidential Election of 2012! 🙁

There is no good will, no desire to compromise, no willingness to concede in any form, on the part of John Boehner and his colleagues! 🙁

If the American people allow themselves to believe that a GOP takeover will bring heaven on earth, they will have a rude awakening come January 2011! And as outgoing GOP Senator Robert Bennett has stated, the Republicans might win, but then rapidly lose power, if they continue to have no vision, no agenda, no program, other than to block any change or progress promoted by Barack Obama and the Democratic Party! 🙁