Day: July 7, 2010

Nativism Spreading: Will Oklahoma, Utah, And South Carolina Follow The Lead of Arizona? :(

Just as the US government has sued in federal court to prevent the Arizona immigration law from being put into effect on July 29, there are strong indications that at least three other states are planning similar actions next year! 🙁

The three states are not all that surprising, when one considers the reputation that these states have gained by their political choices!

Oklahoma, the state of Senators James Inhofe and Tom Coburn, arguably two of the worst Senators in American history, is one of them!

A second state is Utah, a Mormon dominated state, which has just defeated a strong conservative, Robert Bennett, for another six year term in the Senate, in the GOP state convention. Bennett was a reasonable man, so of course, he was defeated, and the ensuing primary runoff of two Tea Party favorites led to the nomination and likely election of Mike Lee, a candidate with similar views as Rand Paul in Kentucky and Sharron Angle in Nevada!

And the third state is South Carolina, the state of Senator Jim DeMint, also one of the worst senators in US history! But this is also the state of Governor Mark Sanford, who has stayed in office despite his embarrassing sex scandal, going to Argentina to see his lover behind his wife’s back, and not informing state officials of his location while absent! This is also the state of Congressman Joe Wilson, who yelled “You lie!” at President Obama as he gave a speech to the nation on Capitol Hill!

These three states would rate with many observers as among the three worst governed, so it is not surprising that they would be seriously considering nativist legislation!

The question is whether the US government’s action regarding the Arizona immigration law will be able to prevent this unwise and discriminatory trend spreading to these three states, and possibly others! 🙁

John McCain Should Be Ashamed Of Himself! From Maverick To Nativist! :(

Senator John McCain of Arizona faces a tough renomination and reelection battle in Arizona, and he is therefore giving up all his principles that made him highly regarded during his Senate career, and led to his reputation as a maverick! 🙁

McCain was one of the sponsors of an immigration reform bill with Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts in 2007, and was very proud to speak up on the need to merge the illegal immigrants in this country into the mainstream!

Now, he has condemned President Obama for initiating a lawsuit yesterday against the Arizona immigration legislation, and has come out in a nasty way, calling for the removal of millions of people, who have not been involved in criminal activity, and live in fear of families bring broken up by immigration raids!

The reality is that John McCain, once open minded and tolerant on the issue of immigration, has become a nativist in the worst manner possible–all this because his ambition to remain in the Senate outdoes his conscience! 🙁

But then, he has also lied openly about his lifetime of political stands, declaring in the past few months that he is not, and never has been, a maverick, even though his memoir has it in the title, he has used that term himself in past speeches over the years, and Sarah Palin called him that during the 2008 election season, as well as recently, when she campaigned for him in Arizona!

While it would be terrible if J. D. Hayworth, his GOP opponent, defeated him in the primary, it would actually be proper justice and punishment for a man who has lost his soul and his conscience, all for another six years in office!

This is another case of the unwillingness of many politicians at advanced ages to realize that it is time to retire, have some private life with their families, and allow someone else to serve their constituents!