Justice System

The Need For Wealthy, Powerful People To Be Held Accountable In Our Justice System

The conviction of Bill Cosby today on sexual abuse charges should be the tip of the iceberg.

We are living in a time where famous and wealthy people, mostly men, are abusing their power and influence in innumerable ways.

Whether in the Hollywood community, the sports community, the business community, the politics and government community, or any other situation, it is time for the indictment, trial, conviction, and incarceration of anyone who is abusing his or her position to take advantage of women, children, minorities, immigrants, workers, consumers or any other category of person mistreated in a violent or abusive manner!

We need the law to stop favoring the rich and the powerful, and to set good moral and ethical examples, and no matter how high a station, prosecution should be possible.

This includes our President, Donald Trump, who has abused his authority, in his love life, his business life, his refusal to release his financial history, as it would show the truth about his Russian Collusion and his lies about his wealth; and his abuses of power every day, that should lead to his facing justice as much as anyone else.

Fortunately, the New York State violations of the Trump family cannot be resolved in their favor for Trump or anyone else, and they will ultimately face the music! Presidential pardoning would not be in play for state violations, and that is driving Donald Trump mad!

The Texasfication Of America: Is This What We Want?

Governor Rick Perry of Texas has come out charging like a bull as a Presidential candidate, offering Texas as a model for America, but is it?

Texas is low down in the list of states in the following areas:

1. Educational spending and attainments and curriculum accuracy
2. Health Care spending and coverage
3. Minimum Wage Jobs
4. Environmental Protection from pollution
5. Corporate Regulation in the public interest
6. Stratification of wealth between rich and poor.
7. Mistreatment of Mexican American citizens
8. A backward legal system with high crime rates and execution numbers.

Besides all of the above, Rick Perry would like to wipe out most of the reforms of the 20th century, including:

1. 16th Amendment–Federal Income Tax
2. 17th Amendment–Direct Election Of Senators
3. National Labor Relations Act
4. Federal Education Programs
5. Environmental Protection Agency
6. Consumer Products Safety Commission
7. Medicaid, Medicare as we know it, and Obama Health Care
8. Occupational Safety And Health Administration
9. Food Stamps and Unemployment Compensation
10.Corporate and Banking Regulations
11.Repeal of Social Security

We will be learning a lot more about Rick Perry as time goes on, and as research by journalists is completed, but is not the above enough reason to reject Rick Perry for President of the United States?

It is clear that Rick Perry would be the most reactionary, right wing candidate for President since Barry Goldwater in 1964!

Enough said!