Henry Ford

Foreign Policy Of America In Danger From Donald Trump!

American foreign policy is in great danger from the threat of Donald Trump possibly being reelected to the Presidency in 2024.

His well known admiration for authoritarians in Russia, North Korea, and China; and his hostility toward the North Atlantic Treaty Organization are alarm bells in the night!

His willingness to abandon Ukraine, and allow Vladimir Putin to seize more of that nation, is an encouragement that will trigger World War III, as what would stop Putin from trying to restore the old Soviet Union, by attacking Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and more territory?

America’s relationship with Asian nations, which now are 60 percent of the world’s population are also in danger!

And our relationship with Canada and Latin America would be in disarray as well!

To imagine that Trump would be President again is like imagining that Charles Lindbergh or Henry Ford had been President in the 1930s and 1940s, cozying up to Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy during World War II!

President Joe Biden, meanwhile, has worked very hard to promote and strengthen our alliances with nations around the world, and one must remember his vast experience in foreign policy, as a US Senator, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and eight years as Vice President under Barack Obama!

Anniversary Of Benedict Arnold’s Treason Brings Up Donald Trump’s Treason!

In late September 1780, General Benedict Arnold committed treason, plotting with the British enemy to hand over West Point, New York, the future Military Academy, and about 10,000 American soldiers to the British.

If the treason had succeeded, it would have ended the American Revolution, and the fight for American Independence.

Since the time of Benedict Arnold, there have been others who have been considered traitors to America.

This would include the leaders of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War, including, most notably, Confederate President Jefferson Davis and Confederate Vice President Alexander Stephens, along with leading Confederate Generals such as Robert E. Lee and others.

There have been others who conspired against American interests, including former Vice President Aaron Burr, after leaving the Vice Presidency in 1805, and those who consorted with Nazi Germany, including Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh; and those who consorted with the Soviet Union over the 75 years of that nation’s existence.

But now, we have a much more serious threat, in a former President, Donald Trump, who has consorted with dictators, including most notably Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation, and who inspired the January 6, 2021 Insurrection at the US Capitol. And Trump illegally took national security documents to his Mar A Lago estate, and there are still questions as to whether other documents might be found at his other estates in New Jersey, Trump Tower in New York City, and elsewhere and whether he may have shared and sold national security details to Putin and others.

So many have stated that Benedict Arnold has been succeeded by “Benedict Donald”, who is seen as a “clear and present danger” to American national security and American democracy!

Two Billionaires: Steve Jobs And Donald Trump–One Constructive, One An Embarrassment!

With the death of Steve Jobs, one of the most significant business tycoons of all time, on the level of Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Alexander Graham Bell, we have lost one of the great business leaders of all time, not just for his innovations in technology, but also as a model for keeping out of the public spotlight!

Jobs, a perfectionist often difficult to relate to in private, was a person who avoided publicity like the plague, but whenever he uttered his thoughts or introduced new technology, he always came across as a person with a good heart and instincts. His commencement speech at Stanford University in 2005, in which he said one should follow his dreams as we all eventually will die, was a brilliant example of the decency and vision of this man!

At the same time, we have Donald Trump, best described as a publicity hound, a person who wants constant attention, has had three wives, gone bankrupt a couple of times, loves to fire people on his TV show, enjoys being courted by Republican Presidential candidates, and makes a habit of saying and doing things that divide us in a difficult time. He is, without question, a real “character” with a tremendous ego that he loves to display!

This is not saying that Steve Jobs has not done anything in his private life that is questionable, since anyone is capable of having a so called “skeleton in his closet”, but Jobs avoided publicity, while Trump savors it to the extreme, showing he has a problem with his own self esteem! Nothing embarrasses him, but he is, without question, a real embarrassment!

And ultimately, Jobs changed America! When Trump passes from the scene, will anyone be able to say he made a difference in the same manner? The answer is clearly NO!