“Battleground” States Should Be Expanded By Democrats!

With an expected very close race for the Presidency between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, and with three independent or third party challengers being an additional threat to take away votes from the major party candidates, it is urgent that the list of “battleground” states be expanded by Democrats!

The usual belief is that the following states are the “battlegrounds”:

Pennsylvania (19)
Michigan (15)
Wisconsin (10)
Georgia (16)
Arizona (11)
Nevada (6)

Total 77 Electoral Votes

But in addition, the following states need to be considered potentials for extra attention financially and through campaign appearances by Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and numerous Democratic supporters in public office:

New Hampshire (4)
Virginia (13)
North Carolina (16)
Florida (30)
Minnesota (10)
New Mexico (5)

Total 78 Electoral Votes

Additionally, the Second District of Maine which has gone Republican in the past (2016 and 2020) should be focused on, as well as retaining the Second District of Nebraska, which has gone Democratic two times in the past (2008 and 2020), with both states allowing divided electoral votes for President.

So a total of 12 states and one Congressional District in Nebraska and Maine should be focused on to insure a Democratic victory in November!

So out of 538 Electoral Votes total, 157 are in play!

5 comments on ““Battleground” States Should Be Expanded By Democrats!

  1. Princess Leia March 11, 2024 11:53 am

    Trump has a rally in Georgia over the weekend. Trump’s rally consisted of Trump attacking migrants and mocking Biden’s stutter.

  2. Pragmatic Progressive March 11, 2024 11:56 am

    Trump has taken over the RNC. He has an election denier as chairman and his daughter-in-law as co-chairperson.

  3. Rustbelt Democrat March 12, 2024 8:40 am

    King Donald is hoping his handpicked people in the RNC will pay his legal bills.

  4. Former Republican March 12, 2024 8:51 am

    The RNC layed off dozens of staffers yesterday. I also hear they are having lackluster fundraising.

  5. Pragmatic Progressive March 12, 2024 6:48 pm

    From what I’ve heard about that, the RNC is purging people who aren’t loyal to Trump.

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