The Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign For 2016 Begins Without Her Approval!

Somehow, one must imagine that Hillary Clinton, privately, is both having sighs of exasperation, and also chuckling at the same time, that here she is, an esteemed Secretary of State, who has made it clear that she wants to retire from public life in 2013, and does not want to run for President, and yet the boom is on for her to run, making her the most wooed reluctant nominee in American history!

Her husband, Bill Clinton, is, certainly, doing everything he can to boost her candidacy, while saying it is up to her.

At the same time, the Buffalo News has editorially endorsed her for President; and now, billionaire Warren Buffett, has also announced his support for her running for the Presidency.

It must be a very rewarding experience to have such a pursuit beginning, just a week after the President of the United States, Barack Obama, who was her rival in 2008, became an official “lame duck”!

Of course, it is not as if the rest of the Democratic Party, including Vice President Joe Biden, is going to lie down and drop dead, and agree this quickly to her being the Democratic nominee for President in 2016.

But there can be no question as to her popularity, her competence, her experience, and the fact she would make an exciting, dynamic President, were she to run and win!

And the Republican Party has to be having nightmares as to how they would deal with Hillary Clinton as their potential opponent in 2016!

2 comments on “The Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign For 2016 Begins Without Her Approval!

  1. Ali Rahnavard November 18, 2012 12:20 pm

    I don’t know if the country would actually elect a woman president yet might be as good as handing the white house back to the GOP. I mean sure she has what it takes that si not really what worries me per say. It’s the fact that even people who voted for Obama might not vote Democrat just because she is a woman. I mean sure she will probably get the female vote but if the GOP had a moderately (LOL) attractive alternative they might get some of the Hispanic vote back and other minorities. I am thinking more the male vote would probably not go to her either. Plus I don’t know if she is really serious about not wanting to run but if she is seems like it wouldn’t be such a good thing to have someone who doesn’t even want to be in politics anymore as the president.

    Also completely unrelated professor, have you or do you have plans to see the movie Lincoln? I here it is pretty good and am going to see it today myself.

  2. Ronald November 18, 2012 3:45 pm

    Hillary Clinton simply wants some time off to refresh and replenish, and I do not think her taking two years off would necessarily harm her future.

    The idea of a woman winning now, with all of the women in government, should not be surprising, as long as the woman is competent, because the race issue has been overcome twice, and I would think that would be the greater barrier overall!

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