Day: August 23, 2012

The Ultimate Republican Hypocrisy And Double Standard: Highly Moral And Religious Publicly, And Major Attenders Of Strip Clubs And Nude Bars At Political Conventions!

The Republican Party loves to portray itself as extremely religious, moral, and ethical, and opposes full fledged sex education in public schools, and also loves to invoke God as punishing sinners by natural events, including tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, droughts and earthquakes.

But now we are faced with the likelihood that the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, may face the wrath of Hurricane Isaac, an ironic event to say the least, particularly of the “son of Abraham”, the founder of the Jewish people in the Old Testament, “punishing” those who claim to be “good Christians”, promoting a hateful attitude toward those who are not willing to accept their dictates on social and economic matters, but who actually wish to do the good works that Jesus Christ promoted, rather than gaudy materialism, greed, and selfishness!

And also, Tampa is famous for its strip clubs, nude bars, and lap dances, and it is expected that Republican delegates, including highly “religious” delegates, will “let their hair down’, and act contrary to what their stated beliefs are! Of course, they will do everything to cover their tracks, and continue to preach what they do not practice! By the way, statistics show that Republicans go to such venues three times as likely as Democrats do!

This is the height of hypocrisy—do as one says, but not as one does! But what is new about the modern GOP, captive of the social conservatives and Tea Party activists, who are in the process of destroying the historic Republican Party of Lincoln, TR, Ike, and even Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and the Bushes!

“Emperor” Mitt Romney Refuses To Answer Questions Of Reporters: A Sign Of Trouble In The Future Of A Secretive Presidency If Romney Wins!

Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney has decided that he will not permit some reporters the right to ask questions about topics he does not like, such as Todd Akin and Abortion. He did so with a local Colorado reporter.

Mitt Romney is acting like an Emperor, decreeing what may be asked of him! Does he intend to do that in the Presidential debates in October? It is reported that he was furious and livid at the choice of the four debate moderators, and was considering refusing to attend.

Well, Mitt, go ahead—don’t answer questions of reporters you don’t want to answer! Act like you are a dictator in a third world nation! Act worse than even Richard Nixon in your attitude toward the press! Refuse to attend the Presidential debates! Go ahead, act like you are privileged, since you obviously think you are entitled to follow your own rules! Let the American people see you for the arrogant, nasty individual you really are!

Let the American people be fully aware of who you are, so that they can reject you, realizing that the likelihood of antagonism toward the press leads to secrecy in government, and corruption resulting, and the odds are very high that this will occur.

Mitt Romney has become the most insufferable candidate we have ever seen asking for support of the American people!

In 75 days, Mitt Romney can go back to private life, and be an arrogant prima donna, and we will not miss you!

The Romney-Ryan Ticket As Seen By African Americans, Hispanics-Latinos And Women: Worst Since Polling Began!

The Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan Presidential ticket is in deep trouble, as polls demonstrate the unbelievable gap that they face gaining support among African Americans, Hispanics-Latinos, and women.

In one poll, Barack Obama leads Romney 94-0 among African Americans! Did you see that, ZERO for Romney, a stunning figure!

In one poll, Barack Obama leads Romney 63-28 among Hispanics-Latinos, a 35 point gap!

And among women, Barack Obama, in a recent poll, leads 54-39 percent, a 15 point gap!!

With absolutely ZERO support among African Americans, 35 points behind among Hispanics-Latinos, and 15 points behind among women, the Romney-Ryan ticket is on the road to total disaster, as they are also behind among labor voters, Jews, young people, moderates, Independents, and also behind Obama in all “swing” or battleground states except North Carolina, and almost even in Colorado.

Although they will win more states in the “heartland”, and therefore more electoral votes than Barry Goldwater did in 1964, they are on the way to a worst defeat than any GOP loser—Gerald Ford, George H. W. Bush, Bob Dole or John McCain–since a half century ago!