Day: August 15, 2012

Vice Presidental Nominees: Ready On “Day One” Or Not?

It has often been said that Presidential nominees do not think of their Vice Presidential nominees as replacing them in office, because of death. No one likes to think about that unpleasant, potential possibility.

But Presidential nominees NEED to think about that, because it should be the most important factor involved in selection of a running mate.

When one looks at Presidential elections since 1960, it is clear that Vice Presidential nominees fit into two categories: those ready on “Day One” to take over the Presidency, and those NOT ready on “Day One” to take over the Presidency.

Those Ready on “Day One” (15)–10 Democrats and 5 Republicans

Henry Cabot Lodge
Lyndon B. Johnson
Hubert H. Humphrey
Edmund Muskie
Sargent Shriver
Walter Mondale
Bob Dole
George H. W. Bush
Lloyd Bentsen
Al Gore
Jack Kemp
Dick Cheney
Joe Lieberman
John Edwards
Joe Biden

Those NOT ready on “Day One” (6)–1 Democrat and 5 Republicans

William E. Miller
Spiro Agnew
Geraldine Ferraro
Dan Quayle
Sarah Palin
Paul Ryan

The selection of the Vice Presidential nominee is the first, and in many ways, the most crucial decision a Presidential candidate makes. In that regard, the Democrats have been dramatically more careful than the Republicans!

Surprise: “Golden Boy” Paul Ryan Budget Plan Balances The Budget In 2040!

Paul Ryan is supposed to be the “Golden Boy” of the Republican Party, their best hope for the future!

Ryan emphasizes the idea that we must transform Medicare to a voucher system to “save” it, and that Social Security must be privatized, and Food Stamps and Medicaid eviscerated. But at the same time, he wishes to cut taxes dramatically for the top two percent, worse than the Bush tax cuts, and raise taxes on the average person!

And all this to “balance the budget” BY 2040, TWENTY EIGHT YEARS from now!

This is courage? This is “reform”? Give me a break!