Day: August 27, 2012

A Racial Campaign To Win: The Last Gasp Of Mitt Romney

With the changing demographics of the American population, 2012 is the last time that a Presidential candidate will be able to run a racial campaign to unite whites, and have a chance to win the election with such an appeal. The growing Hispanic-Latino population, along with the African American and Asian American population will forego such a low level, gutless campaign of that style ever again, so the Republican Party is undermining its future by what it is attempting this year.

Mitt Romney will need to win 61 percent of the white vote to win the election, and he is making every effort possible, by bringing up the “Birther” argument, and also making the false accusation that Barack Obama is gutting welfare work requirements for benefits, a totally conjured up charge that should be seen by the former Massachusetts Governor as shameful.

But Romney has no shame, and is running a “slash and burn” campaign that is an embarrassment to the Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln and the Radical Republicans who pursued a racial equality agenda at the founding of the party in the 1850s and 1860s.

The Courage And Principles Of Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist

Just as the Republican National Convention is about to open in Tampa, Florida, former Governor Charlie Crist, who came close to being the Vice Presidential running mate of Senator John McCain in 2008, but instead went on to repudiation in the Senate election of 2010, where he ran as an Independent, has made significant news worthy of attention.

Crist has now endorsed Barack Obama for President in an editorial in the Tampa Bay Times, and has blasted his former party for ignoring the effects of the right wing Tea Party and social conservatives on the elderly, women, minorities, immigrants, and students.

Crist said that Barack Obama had shown strong leadership in a difficult time, and that he deserved reelection for the steps he had taken which made things better than when he walked into the Oval Office at a time when the situation was dire.

Some wonder whether Crist will become a Democrat, but many think he will remain an Independent, who might run for Governor again in 2014. Others think he will simply be a voice of reason outside the political sphere, something that the nation could use to remind us of what used to be the Republican Party of years ago.