Day: August 8, 2012

The Anti Gay Boy Scouts Of America Apparently Has A Child Molestation Problem From Its “Straight” Boy Scout Masters!

The Boy Scouts of America loves to talk about it being an organization connected to Christianity, although not only Christian boys are allowed in the organization, as for instance, the author, who is Jewish, was a Boy Scout.

But believing in “Christian values”, the Boy Scouts bans any gay boys or scoutmasters that are known to be gay, and this has led to at least one Eagle Scout, now years away from being a Scout, and straight sexually, to return his Eagle Scout medals, in protest against the discrimination and prejudice being practiced by the Boy Scouts of America.

But in the midst of all this ‘principled” stand by the Boy Scouts of America against gays, it turns out there are many instances of so called “straight” Boy Scout masters who are indeed molesting boys in their charge!

Hmmmm! What an example of hypocrisy, but not all that different than the case of the Catholic Church, evangelical Christian groups, and others who profess religiosity, and do not practice what they preach!

Conservative Outrage Against Mitt Romney Over Reaction To Barack Obama Campaign Ad On Health Care An Indication Of The Nightmare Facing Romney If He, Somehow, Wins The Presidency!

A campaign ad by a group loyal to Barack Obama, describing the death of a woman who lost her health care under Bain Capital’s takeover and closing of a company her husband had worked for, is causing a literal nightmare for Mitt Romney.

An aide to Romney made the statement today that IF that woman had been in Massachusetts, she might not have died, because she would have had health care!

It is not clear if the aide flubbed in making that statement, or was authorized to do so by Mitt Romney, but it has caused a firestorm of conservative protest today!

Romney has been trying to deny that what was good for Massachusetts is good for the nation on health care, and has campaigned on getting rid of ObamaCare. Now this comment by his aide seems to suggest otherwise!

Rush Limbaugh sputtered when he heard of the comment by the Romney aide. Sean Hannity was angry, and Ann Coulter, a guest on his show was livid, and said why should conservatives campaign for Romney anymore, since he is as unreliable as John McCain was in 2008. Erick Erickson, a leading conservative blogger, also displayed anger and exasperation.

The reaction of these ideologues, in just a few hours after the statement by the Romney aide, is clearly a demonstration of what will happen regularly if Mitt Romney, somehow, wins the Presidency!

Romney will NOT have a day of rest or peace as President from his own party, much of it way to the far right of him!

Were Romney to win, he would be better off with a Democratic Congress, who he could use as a whipping boy when he runs for a second term, but at the same time, he could actually get something done, as he did with an 85 percent Democratic state legislature when he was Massachusetts Governor.

Mitt Romney is probably, secretly, hoping the Tea Party Movement and the far right evangelical Christian influence would just go away, but it will not, and that means a nightmare of massive proportions awaits him if he is elected President on November 6!

General David Petraeus As Vice President? Why Would He Do It?

Rumors are flying that four star General David Petraeus, presently head of the Central Intelligence Agency, and formerly engaged in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and seen as a national hero, might agree to resign his position in government to run as Mitt Romney’s Vice Presidential running mate.

Certainly, if Petraeus did so, it would electrify Mitt Romney’s candidacy, and give him a real shot at winning the White House over President Barack Obama.

But although Petraeus is registered Republican, it is hard to imagine him giving up his responsible position in the government for the Vice Presidency.

Yes, Petraeus could be an active Vice President, and would certainly add stature to Romney in the area of foreign policy, national security, and defense, in which Romney has no background at all.

But despite that, Petraeus, having worked with Barack Obama very closely, and with the understanding that the two men have high regard and respect for each other, it is inconceivable that Petraeus would agree to run against the man, who, technically, has been his boss.

And the question of who would replace Petraeus, with his depth of knowledge and expertise, is also one to consider, and to imagine Petraeus really doing this, considering it is still a long shot that Romney would win the Presidency, is hard to conceptualize.

We will know in less than a week what Romney is doing, but again consider the likelihood of Paul Ryan or Kelly Ayotte as more likely, with Rob Portman or Tim Pawlenty as safer choices and alternatives!